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With hundreds of episodes, accelerate your English fluency with these casual, but very informative conversations between native English teachers and speakers.

  • Tons of great new vocabulary (slang, idioms, phrasal verbs)
  • Experienced native teachers guiding you to live, learn, and SPEAK English in the Real World! 

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Start your daily listening habit with the RealLife Guys!

With hundreds of episodes, accelerate your English fluency with these casual, but very informative conversations between native English teachers and speakers.

  • Tons of great new vocabulary (slang, idioms, phrasal verbs)
  • Experienced native teachers guiding you to live, learn, and SPEAK English in the Real World! 

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#398 - How to Stop Translating in Your Head and Speak English 100% Naturally

#397 - How to Speak English Correctly WITHOUT Studying Grammar — Why Studying Grammar is Stopping You From Becoming Fluent in English, and What You Should Do Instead

#396 - How I Stopped Being Afraid of Making Mistakes in English

#395 - My Coming Out Story — Podcast for ADVANCED English Learners: The Courage to Be Yourself, Life Lessons, and the Meaning Behind Pride Month (LGBTQ+)

#394 - If I Forgot How to Speak English... THIS is How I Would Go From ZERO to FLUENT Fast — The Method for English Fluency That I Wish I Had as a Student

#393 - How I Understand Natives in ENGLISH When They Speak FAST (in Music, Movies, etc) — The Key to Comprehending Practically 100%, Learn with Music by ADELE, and How to Stop Sounding Like a Robot When You Speak

#392 - How Busy People Get Fluent in English with 10-Minute Habits — Small Actions That Give You Big Results, Easy Way to Build New English Learning Habits in Just a Few Days, and More.

#391 - How I Stopped Being Shy and Started This Podcast, My Journey of Learning 6 Languages as a Shy Person, and More!

#390 - How to Answer “HOW ARE YOU?” in English Conversations — Stop Saying "FINE, THANKS!", and Learn 25 Ways to Start a REAL conversation

#389 - 5 Powerful Exercises to Improve Your English Speaking ALONE — If You Have No One to Practice With, The Best Free Tools to Try with Your Phone, and How to Unlock Your Fluency at Home

#388 - How I Used MUSIC to Become Fluent in English (While Having Fun!), How Ethan Learned 6 Languages Listening to Music, and Why We Love Eurovision - The World’s Biggest Music Competition

#387 - The Reason Why You Feel It's Easy to Write in English, But Not to SPEAK — Learn How to Flow with Your Words When Speaking English

#386 - The Future of Work: How to Keep Your Job in a World with Artificial Intelligence – Real-Life Conversation for English Learners

#385 - How to Talk About Cooking and Food in ENGLISH — Learn 6 Absolutely Delicious Recipes You Must Try at Home (Simple to Make)

#384 - Was Your Life Better Before Smartphones? — Real-Life Conversation for ENGLISH LEARNERS About Society, Technology, and Life

#383 - How I Make New Friends and Practice Using My English Every Day — Finding Your Tribe, Using Language to Create Meaningful Connections, and Why Communities Matter More Than Ever

#382 - The Story of How I Started to Speak English Like a Native Without Studying, Why You Shouldn’t See English as a School Subject, and the Power of Cultural Immersion for Achieving English Fluency

#381 - 15 Strange Things About American Culture — At Home, School, on the Street — Movies vs. Reality, Is What You See on TV Actually True?

#380 - Why Natives Speak English SO Fast (to your ears), How to Make Your Sentences in English FLOW Faster, and a Discussion About Relationships and Marriage

#379 - How I Stopped Translating in My Head and Started to THINK in English, Simple Tips You Can Apply to Be Thinking in English Today, Training Your Brain in a Natural Way, and More!

#378 - The Definitive Guide to MASTER ENGLISH VOCABULARY and Speak Like a Native, The 4 Pillars of RealLife Vocabulary, and The Power of Seeing Words as Lego Pieces

#377 - How I Got My First Job in English WITHOUT Having an Advanced English, Why Soft Skills Are So Important, and Tips for Job Interviews

#376 - How to Speak English Better Than 90% of Learners, Improve Your Pronunciation 10x by Doing This, The Magic of Connected Speech

#375 - What’s YOUR English Level? Discover Which Level Should Be Your Goal, When You Should Stop Studying, and How You Can Go From the B1 Level to C1 in 2024

#374 - The Number 1 Skill EVERY Fluent English Speaker Has, Powerful Exercise to Level Up Your Speaking Skills for Real Conversations, and 10 Basic Words You’re Probably Pronouncing Incorrectly

#373 - 15 Essential Expressions You Must Learn for EVERYDAY Conversations in English, and More: Understand Sentences that Start Like “Had I had…” (Conditionals)

#372 - 10 Ways to Respond to “What’s up?” in ENGLISH Conversations, Sound Natural & Confident with These Phrasal Verbs, and new Money Heist Netflix series

#371 Bonus - How I Remember EVERY Word I Learn in English

#371 - Use THESE WORDS to Sound Like a Native English Speaker – Most Learners Don’t Know About Them

#370 Bonus - Simple Guide to Speaking English in Meetings Naturally — and Not FREEZING UP

#370 - How I Understand Movies & TV in ENGLISH 100% WITHOUT Subtitles

#369 Bonus - You Are Learning English Vocabulary WRONG… Check Out This Lesson and Learn a BETTER WAY Now

#369 - The Perfect ENGLISH STUDY PLAN for You — Improve Your English 20+ Minutes a Day

#368 Bonus - Bonus: 8 SECRETS to Get the TOP SCORE on Your English Writing Exam

#368 - How to Speak English with a BRITISH ACCENT vs. AMERICAN ACCENT

#367 Bonus - Why Most English Learners STOP IMPROVING After the Intermediate Level

#367 - How I’ve Learned 1000+ ENGLISH Words INCREDIBLY QUICK

#366 Bonus - Which One is Correct: CRAZIER or MORE CRAZY? — Learn the Rule and Finally Never Forget!

#366 - Is JACK from TITANIC Actually from THE FUTURE? — Check Out These 4 Crazy Movie Theories!

#365 Bonus - Super Funny ENGLISH GAME to Play with Friends

#365 - Advanced English TEST! How Many Alternatives Can You Name?

#364 - How Long Did it Take Me to Get FLUENT in English?

#363 Bonus - How to Make FEWER MISTAKES in English in Casual Conversations

#363 - The Most Confusing English Mistakes | CAN or CAN'T? — WORD or WORLD? and More!

#362 - Use These 15 Phrasal Verbs to Speak ENGLISH More Like a Native, 15 Expressions with "GO" for Daily Use (Go After, Go Over), and How to Use Them Correctly

#361 - Guide to Speaking English Confidently When TRAVELING Abroad, Funny Stories from our Adventures, Avoid Making These Mistakes in Your Next Trip, Useful English Expressions for Travel Situations

#360 - 6 GREAT TV Series to Watch in English and EXPAND YOUR VOCABULARY Tremendously, Useful Words and Daily Expressions, and How to Learn Advanced Pronunciation While Having Fun with TV Series

#359 - How I Became Fluent in English Without Talking to Natives, My Journey of Going From Student to Teacher, and Why You Should Join an Online Community

#358 - Why Most Learners Feel Fake (Not Natural) When SPEAKING English, Imposter Syndrome, How to Feel More Natural, 5 Things You Should Stop Saying to Yourself, and "Fake it Until You Become it"

#357 - How You Can Use SPOTIFY to Improve Your English, Increasing Your Vocabulary with Music, and Learning with Your Favorite Artists

#356 - Why Speaking English is HARD For You - But EASY for Others, What Story Are You Telling Yourself, and Learning How Successful Learners Actually Think

#355 - How to Remember All the English Words You Need When Speaking, Expanding Your Active Vocabulary, and Fixing Those Old Grammar Mistakes You Still Make

#354 - 10 AMAZING BOOKS to Take Your English from INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED, Ethan and Thiago's Best Book Recommendations, Becoming a Better English Speaker Through Reading

#353 - How I Successfully Work and Study FROM HOME Every Day, Developing a Morning Routine, Having Time for Yourself, and Making Learning English Fun and Convenient

#352 - The BEST WAY to Improve Your English to Get a Better Job, Why Most People Struggle to Speak English at Work, and 6 Tips to Feel More Confident When Speaking

#351 - What Do You Say After: “Hi! How Are You?”, How to Have Great Conversations with Anyone, The Power of Being Curious, and More!

#350 - How Chasing Happiness Can Make You Unhappy, Choosing Purpose Over Pleasure, and What it Means to be Happy

#349 - How You Can BE THE CHANGE in a Divided World, What is Confident Humility, and Seeing Everything as a Learning Opportunity

#348 - Understand and Speak Fast English, The Secret Ability of Native Speakers, and Pronunciation Training

#347 - How I Became Fluent in English LISTENING to MUSIC, Understanding the Meaning Behind the Lyrics, and Learning English Vocabulary with Michael Jackson

#346 - How to Tell Great Stories in English, 2 Simple Tips to Apply Now, and Learning from a Professional Storyteller

#345 - Speaking English When Traveling (at the Airport, Hotel, City), Important Vocabulary You'll Need, and the Story of our Adventure in Peru and Machu Picchu

#344 - 4 Exercises I Used to Get Fluent in English Alone at Home, Fun Methods to Practice Speaking, and Famous Quotes from Movies

#343 - Win the Lottery or Live Twice as Long, Difficult Questions, and Playing a Funny Game!

#342 - Why You're Always Feeling Busy and Tired, 3 Ways to Solve This Problem Today, and 10 English Expressions to Communicate How You Feel

#341 - How To Speak English in Public With POWER and CONFIDENCE

#340 - How Practicing WRITING Helps You SPEAK English Better — Try These Different, Fun Exercises

#339 - Can You Speak Two Languages? Learn How This IMPROVES Your Health and Brain Capacity, and More!

#338 - Why You Can Understand English, but Can’t Speak it — What You Need to Know to Unlock Your Speaking Skills

#337 - How to Raise a Bilingual Child, The Secret to Teaching English to Your Kids, and More!

#336 - How I Learn & Never Forget Words in English Watching Movies and Series, Showing Method in Practice with Netflix Series, and More!

#335 - Is BITCH a Bad Word? Learn 10 Different Uses of This Word + How Jesse Pinkman (from Breaking Bad) Uses It, and More!

#334 - Is Learning Grammar Boring to You?… Here’s How I Learn It (And Why I Simply LOVE IT!)

#333 - How Your Personal Values Define Your Life's Destiny, Speaking Like Will Smith, and Exercising Curiosity

#332 - Want to Live in Another Country? Let's Talk About Moving Abroad: Challenges, Preparation, Motivations

#331 - Do You Want to Change Your Accent?

#330 - Simple Idea to Practice Your English and Have Fun

#329 - Is Artificial Intelligence Going to KILL English Learning?

#328 - How Focusing on Your Goals Could Be Bad For You, Leonardo DiCaprio, and the Oscars

#327 - Learn English with Stories: Funny Travel Stories, Coral Snakes in Brazil & Bandits in South Africa

#326 - Learn English with Stories from Our School Days

#325 - How I Understand 100% of What Natives Say

#324 - The Definitive Guide to Becoming a NATURAL English Speaker: The RealLife Way

#323 - How To Motivate Yourself To FINALLY Get Fluent In 2023

#322 - The Reason Why Most English Learners NEVER Get Fluent

#321 - How to Improve Your English for WORK

#320 - 5 Things You Absolutely Must Know About English Learning

#319 - 5 Common Grammar Mistakes Learners Make

#318 - 5 Things that Successful English Speakers Do

#317 - Lacoste? Xerox? How to Pronounce These 16 Brand Names in English CORRECTLY

#316 - Our Daily Routine To Keep Our English Sharp

#315 - Studying English Should NOT Be Boring — How to Make it Fun & Easy

#314 - The Solution To Feeling Insecure To Speak English

#313 - Stop Speaking SCHOOL ENGLISH: Speak REAL ENGLISH With These Expressions

#312 - How To Advance Your English FAST: Start Teaching!

#311 - English Learning Story: My First Experience Traveling Abroad

#310 - Learn The Basics Of English Grammar: How To Use Grammar To Speak English Better

#309 - Are You Learning WRONG With TV Series And Movies? Learn The RIGHT way!

#308 - Don't be Rude: 5 Ways To Start a Conversation Politely

#307 - English For Travel: How To Navigate Language Barriers When Traveling

#306 - Learn English Vocabulary: Different Ways To Use the Word ASS in English

#305 - The Missing Ingredient To Learn English FASTER and BETTER

#304 - Learn English with TED Talks: Do Schools Kill Creativity? Ken Robinson

#303 - The 80/20 of Vocabulary: How to Advance Your English FAST!

#302 - How to Start a Conversation in English: Best Conversation Starters That Work

#301 - Most Unexpected Things That Happened In Game of Thrones

SPECIAL: How to Live, Speak, and Master English with the RealLife App

#300 - The Courage to Suck at Doing Something New: A Story of English Fluency Journey 

#299 – Idioms in English: The Missing Ingredient To Understand Natives & Sound Advanced

#298 – School English vs Street English: How to Speak Natural, Fluent English

#297 – Why FRIENDS is The Best TV Series to Learn English 

#296 – Types of Native Jokes and How to Understand Them

#295 – Get Better Job Opportunities! How to Impress in Your Next Interview

#294 – Is it Possible to BE YOURSELF in English? FEEL NATURAL When You Speak!

#293 – How to Have a Good Day Every Day: The Power of Building Great Habits

#292 – Mistakes that Native Speakers Make in English

#291 – Are Native Teachers Better? The Power of Practicing with Non-Natives 

#290 – Learn English With Stranger Things Season 4: What to Expect for the Finale

#289 – How to Live, Speak & Master English in the Real World

#288 – Phrasal Verbs: The Missing Ingredient for You to Sound More Natural in English

#287 – I Love English! How Do I Become an English Teacher?

#286 – Learn English with Pop Culture

#285 – Top Movie Quotes To Learn Advanced English

#284 – How to Think Like a Confident, Natural English Speaker

#283 – Daily Routine to Advance Your English at Home

#282 – Master This ONE Sound and Be Understood by Anyone

#281 – Why Should You Learn English?

#280 – Why You Aren’t Fluent Until You Understand the Culture

#279 – 10 Useful SLANG Words to Make Your Conversations More Interesting

#278 – What to Do If Somebody Doesn’t Understand What You Said in English

#277 – Interview with a UKRAINIAN about the War

#276 – Foodie Podcast! 20 Idioms & Expressions Related to EATING

#275 – Do you Run Out of Things to Say When you Have Conversations in English? Try These Fun Questions!

#274 – Dramatically Improve Your Vocabulary With This One Trick

#273 – How Well do you Know Andrea & Ethan?

#272 – British vs American BABY Vocabulary Differences + Special Announcement!

#271 – 20 Clever Word Combinations in English you Should Add to your Vocabulary (Brunch, Staycation and MORE)

Beyond Borders (Special 10): How To Improve Your Pronunciation Fast and Effectively On your Own

#270 – Can YOU Say these English Tongue Twisters for Speaking & Pronunciation Training?

Beyond Borders (Special 9): How to Overcome Your Negative Inner Voice | "I'm not Good Enough to Speak English Fluently

#269 – Common Mistakes Spanish and Portuguese Speakers Make

Beyond Borders (Special 8): 24 Life-Changing Lessons I Learned from 24 Teachers and Experts

#268 – 8 New Year’s Superstitions from Around the World!

Beyond Borders 24: How to Improve your Pronunciation Alone with Mark Hancock

#267 – How to Make your Fluency (and Life) Dreams Come True in '22

Beyond Borders 23: Actually Achieve your Goals in 2022 | Gabriele Oettingen on the Science of Motivation

#266 – 1 Language, 3 Accents! US vs UK vs South African English Vocabulary

Beyond Borders 22: She Went From Beginner to Fluent in Just 9 Months (and How you Can Too) with Ruri Ohama

#265 – 5 Christmas Movies that every English Learner NEEDS to Watch

#264 – 7 Ways to Make your Studying More FUN

Beyond Borders 21: The Neuroscience of Learning a Language | Tips on How to Become a Better Learner

#263 – Best TV Series to Learn English in 2022!

Beyond Borders (Special 7): Do You Want to Be the BEST English Speaker? Listen to THIS!

#262 – Common English Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them

Beyond Borders (Special 6): How to Learn English Alone, WITHOUT a Teacher, and Make REAL Progress

#261 – Moving to another country? The Advice you NEED to HEAR!

Beyond Borders (Special 5): Really Learn Vocabulary in English with Just a Few Minutes a Day

#260 – OMG! This is How to Use Abbreviations Like a Native

Beyond Borders (Special 4): How Perfectionism Is Preventing You From Achieving YOUR Best English

#259 – 4 Ways English Will Change Your Life

Beyond Borders 20: Get your Best English Exam Score as Quickly and Easily as Possible with Josh MacPherson from TST Prep

#258 – What Type of English Learner are You?

Beyond Borders 19: Learn a Language and NEVER Forget It | Gabriel Wyner from Fluent Forever

#257 – How to Give Compliments in English

Beyond Borders 18: WIN at your Next Job Interview | Tips on How to Tell your Story by Communication Specialist Natasha Broodie

#256 – 15+ English Animal Idioms & How to Use Them

Beyond Borders 17: Practice your Listening Skills The RIGHT Way | Luke’s English Podcast

#255 – 6 Best Tricks to Become More Confident

Beyond Borders 16: Become a Better English Speaker and Avoid Misunderstandings | Cultural Awareness with Jennifer Kumar

#254 – Surprising Ways Natives Use the Word ‘ASS’ | Idioms, Slang & Collocation

Beyond Borders 15: Too Busy with Work to Learn English? | Tiffani Shares her Fascinating Journey

#253 – 22+ Conversation Starters That ALWAYS Work

Beyond Borders 14: Can you Master a Language without Traveling to Another Country? | Gavin from SmallAdvantages

#252 – The Number 1 Reason to Learn English

Beyond Borders 13: From No English to Native-level, Veronika Shares her Top Secrets

#251 – Can You Understand These Jokes in English

Beyond Borders 12: How Is Learning By Ear the Secret to Success in English Fluency? | Idahosa from the Mimic Method

#250 – Questions + Answers with Ethan & Andrea | 250th Podcast Episode Special!

Beyond Borders (Special 3): How Meditation Can Transform your English and Your Life!

#249 – 10 Tips to Pass the IELTS exam

Beyond Borders #11: 4 Habits That Will Transform Your English (And Your Life), and more! | Justin Murray, RealLife English CEO

#248 – English Conversation About Travel | Funny Stories!

Beyond Borders #10: Relax, Enjoy and Learn: It's about Connection, not Perfection | Lindsay from AllEars English

#247 Is Your English NOT Improving? Listen to This!

Beyond Borders (Special 2): Transform Your English with These 4 Experts

#246 – Learn about Investment and Cryptocurrency in English | 18 Words and Phrasal Verbs

Beyond Borders (Special 1): Is It Possible To Speak Good English If I Practice With Non-natives?

#245 – How to Express Your Emotions in English

Beyond Borders #9: Find the Courage you Need to LIVE your English | Emma from Mmm English

#244 – Talking About Sleep | English Idioms & Vocabulary

Beyond Borders #8: How to Achieve your Full Potential with Philosophy, Reflection and English Fluency | Leo Gomez

#243 – Differences in School & University between UK, US & Australia

Beyond Borders #7: She speaks 15 languages! How did she do it | Shannon Kennedy

#242 – No Time to Learn English? Use These Tips to Make it a Daily Habit!

Beyond Borders #6: How to Make English Useful and Interesting to You | Christina Lorimer

#241 – 12 Funny English Expressions Kids Use

Beyond Borders #5: Learn from Language Expert who Speaks 8 Languages and How to Learn English with Stories | Olly Richards

#240 – Do I Need to Have a Native Accent?

Beyond Borders #4: What To Do If You Want To Quit Your English Learning | Anna from English Fluency Journey

#239 – Money Idioms and Slang for Everyday Conversation

Beyond Borders #3: What’s The Right Path To Fluency? | Jack and Ethan Share Experiences on Teaching and Learning Languages

#238 – Q&A with Andrea & Ollie | “I’m Stuck at Intermediate, what do I do?” and More!

#237 – How to Understand Natives | Connected Speech

Beyond Borders #2: “Do I Need to Sound Like a Native?” | Hadar and Ethan’s Advice on Fluency

#236 – 10 Free Online Games To Practice Your English!

Beyond Borders #1: Speak English with Vanessa — How to Find Time to Learn and More…

#235 – 16 Ways to Congratulate Someone | English Phrases & Expressions

#234 – English for Cafés | How to Order Your Favourite Drink!

#233 – 12 Expressions & Phrasal Verbs with SPEAK

#232 – Words from Other Languages in English & How We Use Them!

#231 – Speak Clearly and Overcome Perfectionism | Rachel’s English

#230 – 16 Expressions and Phrasal Verbs with 'Look' for Daily Conversations

#229 – 15 Useful Idioms: Weather Idioms to Use in Daily Conversation

#228 – How Is Easter Celebrated? UK, US & Australian Traditions 

#227 – How do Americans and Brits Say this Aussie Slang? 

#226 – How to Use Dating Apps to Learn English

#225 – Fluent English in 3 Months! Is it Possible?

#224 – How to Complain Politely in English

#223 – How to Learn and Practice English at Home Alone

#222 – English for Zoom, Skype, Teams, Meet

#221 – Best Australian Series to Learn English

#220 – 15 Questions for Great Conversations (+ Meet Your New Fluency Coach!)

#219 – Best Songs to Learn English with in 2021!

#218 – How to Improve your Listening Skills

#217 – Best Series to Watch in 2021!

#216 – 12 Slang Words that Natives Use All the Time!

#215 – Actually Achieve Your 2021 Goals with this Podcast

#214 – New Year’s Traditions, Vocabulary and More!

#213 – How to Talk about Christmas | 26+ Vocabulary & Expressions

#212 – 7 Habits to Learn English Effectively

#211 – 7 Reasons Why People Fail to Get Fluent in English 

#210 – How to Understand TV series & Movies without Subtitles 

#209 – 12 Beautiful English Idioms to Help you Understand Natives

#208 – Are Natives Really Better Teachers?

#207 – 20 Native Ways to Say “Stupid” in English

#206 – British vs American Culture - Do you Know These Differences?

#205 – American Elections, Politics, and the Danger of Social Media

#204 – How to Have the Perfect Self Introduction in English

#203 – 12 Idioms with Nationalities and Countries

#202 – Learn How to Present Confidently in English

#201 – These 7 Phrases will Make any English Conversation Easier!

#200 – The Epic Adventure of RealLife English

#199 - English Expressions that Confuse Everyone!

#198 - How to Teach English to your Children

#197 - British Words That Are Rude in the USA

#196 - American Culture: Geography, Food, Music, Travel, and More

#195 - 7 Tips to Drastically Improve Your Pronunciation

#194 - How to Think in English

#193 - If You Want to Get Fluent Do These 5 Things Daily

#192 - Don't use these everyday American words in Britain!

#191 - 8 Myths About English Fluency

#190 - The Secret to Speaking English As An Introvert

#189- How to Speak English Fast and Understand Natives

#188- 15 Useful Expressions Natives Use All the Time

#187- 7 Ways Podcasts Transform Your English and Your Life

#186- 7 Things NOT to Do When Speaking English

#185- 1 Language, 2 Accents (British vs. American Words)

#184- Racism and Global Citizenship

#183- How to Master Your Fear

#182- 12 Native British Expressions

#181- How Great Learners Get Inspired

#180- In the Kitchen (Cooking Expressions)

#179- Do You Really Need a Teacher?

#178- American vs British Stereotypes

#177- Coronavirus and Being a Global Citizen

#176- The 6 Best British TV Series to Learn English

#175- Classroom English vs Real World English

#174 – Hospitals, Sickness, and Getting Pissed

#173- Adventure, Backpacking, Learning English in a Hostel

#172- How to Have Your Best Year Ever

#171- 8 Perfect Christmas Movies for Learning English

#170- Do I Need to Speak English without an Accent?

#169- How to Learn English Like a Child

#168- How to Revolutionize Your English with Podcasts

#167- Am I Too Old to Learn English

#166- 28 Terms and Expressions Related to Death

#165- How to Express and Respond to Appreciation in English

#164- American Stereotypes: What Are We Really Like?

#163- 15 Practical English Expressions from Shakespeare

#162- Think & Grow Fluent

#161- How to Be Funny in English

#160- What to Do if No One Supports You

#159- Extreme Fluency with Extreme Sports

#158- 6 Powerful Ways to Master English Vocabulary

#157- Why the World is Better than You Think

#156- 10 Practical Tips to LIVE Your English

#155- How Living Beyond Borders Will Transform Your English Fluency

#154- Developing this ONE Skill Will Help You Speak Better English

#153- Do You Want to Speak English Like a Native

#152 - How to Go Beyond the Classroom & Live your Life in English

#151 - The 3 Pillars of English Learning Success

#150 - 5 Steps to Stop Learning English, and Start LIVING it: The RealLife Way

#149 - Shopping, Flirting, and Dressing Like Steve Jobs

#148 - You Can't Run from English Fluency

#147 - Confident Phone Conversations

#146 - How to Pass the Visa Interview

#145 - Do You Have the Balls to Learn English?

#144 - Experiencing Reverse Culture Shock

#143 - Should I Learn English After Brexit?

#142 - Getting Married in English

#141- Being a More Open-Minded Learner & Traveler

#140- Going to the Movies

#139- Beautiful English Pronunciation (English with Lucy)

#138- How to Tip Your Waiter & Get Better Service in English

#137- Going to the Doctor in English

#136- What's up Homie? (23 Home Expressions)

#135- Abbreviations in Australian English

#134- Relationship Idioms From Friends TV Series

# 133- Ethan Travels to Asia and Plays with Kittens

#132- Boost Your Confidence (with Emma from mmm English)

#131- The Artificial Intelligence Revolution

#130- Revolutionize Your Pronunciation (with Rachel's English)

#129 - RealLife Christmas Special

#128 - How to Do Anything Better

#127 - How to Be More Outgoing in English

#126 – Facebook & American Politics

#125 – Love, Sickness, and Halloween

#124 – Cooking with the RealLife Guys

#123 – Build a Business with Startup English

#122 – Business English with a Twist

#121 – Enlighten Your English with Meditation

#120 – English in Japan with Drew Badger

#119 – 16 Ways to Say Beautiful in English

#118 – How the best teachers motivate students (Fluency MC)

#117 – What the best English learners do differently

#116 – 5 Reasons Why 90% Of All English Learners fail

#115 – A New World of Education

#114 – Are you ready for global English?

#113 – Business jargon and expressions

#112 – All star tips from a model English learner

#111 – It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… English Fluency!

#110 – Become a More Natural English Speaker

#109 – Practice Your Speaking, AND Make Friends Around the World

#108 – English Slogans

#107 – How to Pass the IELTS Speaking Exam

#106 – Finding Your Passion Through English

#105 – Fluency Tips for a Self Taught English Learner

#104 – Rap Your Way to English Fluency (with Fluency MC)

#103 – Homosexuality, Fashion, and Women’s Clothes

#102 – Popular TV Catchphrases

#101 – Can drinking Alcohol Be GOOD For Your English?

#100 – The Fascinating Story of RealLife English

#99 – LOL: Make People Laugh in English

#98 – Think your English is Good? Try Australian English

#97 – Sports Idioms for Your Life

#96 – Kickass Habits and British Accents

#95 – The Power of Knowing WHY You’re Learning

#94 – American Sports Metaphors

#93 – Wordplay with Names and The Big Bang Theory

#92 – How to Learn English Without Classes

#91 – How to Think Like a Fluent English Speaker

#90 – Maximize your Fluency with Power Idioms

#89- Max’s Journey of Determination

#88 – West African English, Football, and Azonto Dancing 

#87- Fluency Interview and the Schwa Sound

#86- New York English & The Qu’ran

#85- Breaking the Law

#84- How to Revolutionize Your English with Podcasts

#83- The Power of Body Language

#82 – Public Speaking and Presentations

#81 – Happy Holidays 

#80 – Success in the City

#79 – How to Be Tough in English

#78 – How to get a haircut in English

#77 – The Big Move

#76 – How to Not Offend People in English

#75 – Bodily Functions & Sounds

#74 – Aussie English

#73 – How to Be Successful at Anything: Start with Why

#72 – Extreme Emotions: From Sad to Happy

#71 – Proverbs and Disney Characters Gone Wild

#70 – It’s Cool to Be Kind

#69 – Transportation, Travel, and Phrasal Verbs

#68 – Truth, Dishonesty, and the Ice-Bucket Challenge

#67 – Accidents, Knifes, and Nails

#66 – Hospitals, Sickness, and Getting Pissed

#65 – Working Out with Phrasal Verbs and the Beatles

#64 – How to Express Anger: Pet Peeves, Road Rage, and Rednecks

#63- How to Make English a Part of Your Life 

#62 – Bad Words Out on the Town

#61 – Shopping in a Nutshell

#60 – Music to Your Ears (How to Learn English with Music)

#59 – World Cup, Football Fever, and Brazil

#58 – Marriage Advice, Travel Accommodation, and the expression “just saying”

#57 – Hero Cats, Digital Learning, World Cup in Brazil

#56 – Mother’s Day Special (Yo Mama Jokes!)

#55 – Let’s Talk Romance

#54 – Embarrassing Moments

#53 – Easter and Spring Break Special

#52 – Learning English with TV Shows

#51 – The Power of Slang Expressions

#50 – Things Not to Do When Speaking English

#49 – Sports

#48 – The Hero’s Journey

#47 – Travel Tips

#46 – Talking about HABITS

#45 – NEW YEAR SPECIAL – Talking about New Year’s Resolutions

#44- SPECIAL CHRISTMAS Episode (with Special Guest, Brazilian Gringo)

#43- Expressions Involving COURAGE

#42- Expressions Involving HARD WORK (Chad & Justin)

#41 – Expressions Involving FIRE (Chad & Ethan)

#40 – Trevor’s Last Podcast—5 WAYS TO SAY GOODBYE

#39 – How English Can Make You a WORLD CITIZEN

#38 – Expressions related to HALLOWEEN

#37 — Expressions related to DATING: Plus the difference between dating and seeing each other and 1 minute videos

#36 — Expressions related to THE HOUSE: Plus how to correctly respond to the question WHAT’S UP?

#35 — Expressions related to TRAVEL: Plus learning English with Tripppin.

#34—GANGSTER Expressions

#33—Expressions related to PEOPLE’S CHARACTERISTICS: Plus Chuck Norris facts and tips for learning with online games

#32—Expressions related to START THE RLE PARTY: Plus a great windows app for English learners and a Steve Jobs quote

#31—Expressions related to PEOPLE’S NAMES: plus the difference between “that” and “which” and 7 ways to conquer your fear of speaking English and communicate with courage.

#30—Expressions with FOOD: plus how to use “either or” / “neither nor”.

#29—Expressions related to NUMBERSplus confusions on using the word “come” when you would think “go” would be appropriate, e.g. “I’ll come with you.”

#28—Expressions related to WEAPONS: plus why do I see “yet” used as “but”? and an awesome NPR extension for learning real life English.

#27—Expressions related to CLOTHES: plus the difference between “fast” “quick” and “rapid”?

#26—Expressions related to ANGER: plus an awesome way to learn English and help the world

#25—Expressions related to CHAD’S FIRED: plus how to use the word GET, and using prepositions of movement and location

#24—Expressions related to JURASSIC 5 SONGS: plus the best resource for learning IN,ON, AT

#23—Expressions related to ANNOYANCE: plus the difference between “a few” and “a little” and the how to get the most out of this podcast.

#22—Expressions involving ELEMENTS: plus the difference between “may” and “might” and one of the best resources for getting cheap stuff in the USA.

#21—Expressions related to RESISTANCE: plus the difference between “bring” and “take” and a fun way to learn grammar online.

#20—Expressions involving RELATIONSHIPS: plus the difference between “advise” and “advice” and the best way to learn new vocabulary.

#19—Expressions with MOVEMENT: plus the difference between, road, avenue, street etc, and much more.

#18—Expressions with KEEP: plus the difference between “fault” and “mistake,” and a tip on how to learn all the irregular verbs.

#17—Expressions related to WEATHER: plus the difference between “Aww yeah!!” and “Oh yeah!!” and more.

#16—Expressions related to KARMA: plus the difference between been and gone.

#15—Expressions related to LUCK: plus the difference between pain, sore, ache and hurt.

#14—Expressions related to DISTRESS: plus the difference between “would” and “will.”

#13—Expressions related to HAPPINESS: plus an amazing resource for learning real life English.

#12—Expressions with LIFE: plus what “shawty” means and a fun website to improve your English pronunciation with music.

#11—Expressions with SLEEP: plus tips on how to help pronunciation and how to meet people, practice English and travel around world with COUCHSURFING.

#10—Expressions with TIME: plus the difference between “into” and “onto,” how to use “ain’t” and how to find an English exchange partner from anywhere in the world.

#9–Expressions with WATER: plus how to use “any” and “some,” an awesome tip for learning with music, new vocabulary and some jokes!

#8–Expressions with HANG: plus we explained “wake up” and ” get up” cool tips and new vocabulary.

#7—Expressions with BODY PARTS: plus the difference between “shall” and “will,” cool tips and new vocabulary.

#6—Expressions related to PARTYING; plus the difference between “other” and “another,” an effective new way to improve vocabulary, and a common cultural joke.

#5— Expressions using WORK: plus the difference between “only” and “just” and the best slang dictionary.

#4—Expressions using ANIMALS: plus the difference between “wish” and “hope,” and a little insight to life at the Real Life English House.

#3—Expressions using the word EAT

#2—Expressions using the word BREAK

#1—Expressions using the word TURN