#156: 10 Practical Tips to LIVE Your English

If you have been following the episodes since the RealLife English Podcast #150 then you will have been completely immersed in the RealLife Way, our methodology for success in English and in life (if not, you may want to first go back and listen from Episode 150).

Today we give you TEN TIPS on how you can start following the RealLife Way and guarantee your fluency. Are you ready to kick ass? Listen or download now!

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Power-packed  – Full of energy and practical information
  • Savor – to fully enjoy the taste of something
  • Bobsledding – a sport in which you lay down on a board with wheels and race down a hill
  • to mean something – to be sincere
  • Salivate – to drool, to excrete saliva
  • Boost/rub/massage one’s ego – to compliment someone or make her feel good about herself
  • To have a big ego – to be arrogant or narcissistic
  • On an ego trip – to be boasting about an accomplishment
  • Tongue-in-cheek – in a joking fashion
  • to give a fuck – to care about something
  • To Have No clue – to have no idea about something
  • to reflect – to think deeply and ask oneself questions
  • rehearse – to practice before a performance
  • Proponent of something – a supporter of something
  • Double Whammy / Kill two birds with one stone – to accomplish two goals with a single action
  • Take off – to suddenly achieve a high level of success with something
  • Hold someone accountable – to hold someone responsible, to make sure she does what she said she is going to do
  • Down on yourself – to be self-criticizing


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  • Andrew says:

    I love this quote: “If you think you can, you can, if you think you can’t, you’re right too.”
    And I like your way, how you encourage others to keep up their journey in terms of motivation and explanation. Learning another language, especially English, certainly opens to you the whole new perspective, the new posibilities and the new perception of the world in general. So, keep it up! We really do appreciate it (English learners from all around the world:)

  • Andrew says:

    And yeah, I have to say something else)
    These very podcasts (150-155) need some fixing.
    When you try to download them you see only Error: 404 Not Found.
    I say it to you guys because you always say that we can download these podcasts and listen to you while we ride on a bus or savor something, and, guess what? We do that, seriously)
    That’s why I say that, I believe that I am not the only person who do that and sometimes, you know, it is necessarily to download some podcast beforehand because of poor Internet at some location. That’s the point)