How the Best Teachers Motivate Students

Have you ever had a fantastic teacher? One that made you LOVE whatever subject they were teaching? A teacher who made you excited to go to class every day?

We all know what a big difference a good teacher can make. But what makes the best teachers special? How do they motivate us to be curious and love learning?

We brought back Fluency MC, master teacher, trainer and knowledge entertainer, to help us discuss how the best teachers motivate their students.

Whether you are a learner looking to add passion to your own routine, or a teacher wanting to spice up your classroom, you are going to get a TON of value out of this episode of RealLife Radio… 

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Words You Will Learn:

  • Killer – Really amazing (slang)
  • Splendid – Wonderful
  • Dynamite – Amazing (slang)
  • Juggle – to continuously throw and catch objects in the air with the goal of keeping
  • at least one in the air at all times
  • Softball – a sport similar to baseball, but with a bigger, slower ball that is only pitched underhand
  • Fire up – to motivate, to make excited
  • Be blown away – to be shocked or surprised
  • Catchphrase – a well known sentence or phrase, especially one associated with a famous person
  • Underhand – with the palm of the hand upward or outward
  • Be into (something) – to enjoy doing something
  • Exposure – experience of something
  • Instill – to inculcate, gradually but firmly establish an idea or attitude
  • Chore – something you are required to do, like a routine task around the house (laundry, washing dishes). Usually has a negative connotation
  • Spot on – accurate, correct
  • Paradigm Shift – a complete change in the way someone thinks about something
  • Nudge – a light push
  • Snap – a loud sound made by applying pressure between two fingers
  • Rapport – a close, harmonious, and empathetic relationship
  • Put (someone) on the spot – to put someone in a situation where they have to make a difficult decision or answer a difficult question
  • Feel (someone) out – to attempt to figure something out (about someone) in a subtle way
  • Put it off – to delay doing something, to procrastinate
  • Shove – to push with force
  • Rigid – not flexible
  • Bottom line – the fundamental part of something

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  • Vinícius H Barbosa says:

    It’s always good to hear Fluency MC and you guys. Let’s get fired up!!

  • Diego Alexsandro Bradley says:

    I still have in my favorites downloads, save and safe in my smartphone, and I sometimes listed it, and it was just amazing a manner that you build up this podcast congrats ?!!!!

    • RealLife says:

      Hey Diego, Great to hear from you. Thanks for your encouraging words and comment buddy!