RealLife Radio #104 – Rap Your Way to English Fluency (with Fluency MC)

jase-PostHave you ever tried learning English with music? What about Hip Hop music?

In this episode of RealLife Radio we are chatting with the virally famous online English educator Jason R Levine, Fluency Mc. Learn all about his innovative approach to learning languages through rap music, and more importantly having fun with the language. Aww Yeah!

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NOTE: Fluency MC is doing live student workshops with Gallery Languages on the Rhyme On Time tour.

Words you’ll Learn

  • School of dolphins/fish – a school is the collective noun for fish and dolphins
  • Dig it – to really love and enjoy something
  • Steer me strong – teach me and direct me well
  • It’s funny you should ask – an expression use for coincidental situations
  • Bottle nose dolphin – a species of dolphin with a bottled shaped nose
  • Fan mail – messages received from people who are fans of what you do
  • Martian – an alien, extraterrestrial
  • Make the grade – to come up to expectations
  • Hit the spot – appropriately serves for the situation
  • Walk the walk – to actually do all the things you teach and tell others to do
  • A bomb way – colloquial way to say a really good way
  • That is the bomb – colloquial way to say that something is really good
  • That bombed – colloquial way to say that something (generally a performance is really bad)
  • Nasty (x2) – that fish burger looks nasty (not appetizing) / that song is nasty (really cool)
  • Fusion – a mixture of two elements, common when talking about music
  • Getting some respect for that – to get appreciated for your performance
  • To stick – to stay with you, get stuck in your head
  • Kick it – have fun and relax with friends
  • Cut someone off – to interrupt someone while speaking
  • Pop out – to come out unexpectedly (Jase is referring  to new words popping out)


  • 5 star iTunes Review  – Manuela from Spain
  • Kelex Elfie – Hello Sir Ethan!!

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Kick Ass Quote

  • “What we learn with pleasure we never forget” -Alfred Mercier

Conversation Topic

  • In today’s conversation topic we are talking with Fluency MC, discussing the innovative methods of his language teaching, and hear what about how his techniques are helping people all around the world on their path to true, lifelong fluency.

Killer Clip

  • Fluency MC give us a special preview of his newest educational rap song called “Get a Life.”

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Song: Stick, Stuck, Stuck – Fluency MC

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  • Ronald Johnson says:

    Excellent guys ! This podcast makes the grade. I can tell you walk the walk when teaching English. Jason hit the spot with his rap as always.
    Keep having fun!

    • Real Life English says:

      Hey Ronald, Justin here. I really appreciate you listening and supporting us. Jase is a one of a kind teacher and a big inspiration for us. Cheers for the comment!


  • Birgit Häde says:

    Jason is a cool guy!!! Fluency MC is also great! You are doing a really good job Real Life. Teachers 🙂

    • Real Life English says:

      Thanks Birgit for listening. Jase is the man! Thanks for your support too.

  • Zofia Frąk says:

    I agree with Birgit. Jason is the best of the best! And Fluency MC too!