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RealLife Radio #146 – How To Pass The Visa Interview

Planning on traveling on planning to the US soon, but haven’t prepared for the visa interview? In this episode you are going to learn all about what to expect when going through the application process, and how to prepare for the interview. Free Download Download & Listen on Your Mobile: iTunes for Apple | Stitcher for Android   Direct…

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RealLife Radio #145 – Do You Have the Balls to Learn English?

Like any other language, English is filled with many slang expressions and rude terms, most revolving around genitalia. Humans tend to find lots of interesting ways to use the sexual organs to describe how they are feeling, from anger to extreme joy and delight. Although this is not always the most appropriate language to use…

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RealLife Radio #144 – Reverse Culture Shock

Have you ever heard of, or even experienced reverse culture shock? Many people who have lived away from their place of birth, or culture they grew up in, experience this when returning to their mother land. It is the experience of returning home but everything feels foreign. In this lesson me and Justin discuss what…

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RealLife Radio 143 – Should I Learn English After Brexit?

ESL, English, Brexit

In 2016 the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union in what was called Brexit. As the dust still hasn’t really settled (it’s too soon to see any real effect) since this happened, people are still really unsure what this means for the global economy, and other side affects this could cause all over the world. In this…

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RealLife Radio #142 – Getting Married in English

Independent of what language you speak, where you were born, or if you are religious or not, love is something that affects us all. In this episodes of the podcast we talk all about getting married and how weddings are celebrated in western culture. This will be a great lesson to help fill your vocabulary…

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RealLife English #141 – Being a More Open Minded Learner and Traveler

Are you really taking advantage of all the opportunities you have to learn when traveling and experiencing new cultures? In this episode Ethan talks about all the mistakes he made while staying in Thailand the last couple of months. Ethan didn’t learn the language, didn’t meet any locals, didn’t understand the culture, and didn’t make…

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RealLife English #140 – Going to the Movies

Attention all movie buffs! Are you looking for a cool way to meet with new people, make new friends, or even take someone out on a date? Well, movies are a great way to create an instant connection and give you something to talk about. Learn some cool ways to ask people about movies, and discover more…

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RealLife Radio # 137 – Going to the Doctor in English

Have you ever need to go to a doctor in an English speaking country, but felt worried about communicating your health problems in English. In this episode we are going to help your feel more confident when visiting the doctor, preparing you with all the necessary vocabulary needed to explain common symptoms, aches, pains, and…

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RealLife Radio #136 – What’s Up Homie? (23 Home Expressions)

Have you ever been homesick? Or found a nice little home away from home? In this podcast lesson we are going to be breaking down (explaining) more than 23 expressions related to home, teaching some connected speech pronunciation, and helping you all feel much more at home when speaking English. Also, check out the video from…

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