#146: How To Pass The Visa Interview

Planning on traveling on planning to the US soon, but haven’t prepared for the visa interview?

In this episode you are going to learn all about what to expect when going through the application process, and how to prepare for the interview.

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Nutty – to be a little bit crazy | Check out out free course
  • Jump through hoops – when you’re forced to do things just to follow protocol
  • Rehearse – practice something before performing
  • To nail something – do something perfectly
  • Overstay – to stay longer than you should
  • Relative – someone who is related to you (often confused for parents)
  • Bank statement – a document showing you how much money you have in your back account
  • a Budget – a fixed amount of money you have allocated for your expenses
  • Book a ticket – to make a reservation
  • Asset – a useful or valuable thing or person
  • Leave from work – time off from work
  • Retirement pension – a pension paid by the state to retired people above a certain age
  • A lump sum – a large quantity of money
  • Gatekeeper – a protecter of a junction to prevent people from getting through
  • Put someone under a microscope – to examine or think about a situation very carefully
  • Vet someone – interview someone to make sure they aren’t crazy

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