#142: Getting Married in English

Independent of what language you speak, where you were born, or if you are religious or not, love is something that affects us all.

In this episodes of the podcast we talk all about getting married and how weddings are celebrated in western culture. This will be a great lesson to help fill your vocabulary with lots of cool new wedding terms and expressions, and culturally prepare you for all the funny, crazy, and romantic aspects of a typical marriage ceremony. 

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Holy Matrimony – expression used at a wedding by a priest to refer to the religious marriage in god’s presence
  • Wedding bells are chiming – expression used to say that someone is getting married soon
  • Crash a wedding – to go to a wedding uninvited
  • Those were the days – Phrase used to nostalgically talk about times in the past
  • Pick up – flirt and have sex with someone
  • Quicky wedding – a wedding done in a very quick way
  • Chapel – religious place where you can get married (Christian religion)
  • Get Eloped – to secretly run away and get married with someone
  • Tie the knot – get married
  • Getting hitched – get married
  • Settle down – to get married, have children, and create a calm family lifestyle
  • Put roots down – create a family
  • The old ball and chain – expression men use to call their wives to say they are like a prisoner in their marriage
  • A life sentence – to spend the rest of your life in prison
  • Wedding VS Marriage – a wedding is the event (ceremony and reception) and a marriage is your relationship with your spouse
  • Bride – the woman on the day of her wedding
  • Groom – the man on the day of the wedding
  • Bridesmaids – the bride’s best friends who help her organize the wedding and are present of the day
  • Maid of honor – the closest friend who is more supportive on the wedding day
  • Groomsmen – the grooms best friends who support the groom on the wedding day
  • The best man – the grooms best friend
  • Bachelorette party / Hens party – a party held before the wedding, only for women, so the bride can celebrate her last days being an unwedded woman
  • Bucks night / Stage party – same as a Hens party but only for men
  • Consummate your marriage – the act of having sex for the first time after being married
  • Potpourri – a mixture of things
  • Make a toast – to raise your drink and quickly say something nice about the bride or groom
  • Pay up the ass – to pay a lot for something
  • Ring bearer – the person who is carrying the rings during the ceremony
  • Page boy/girl – when a little boy or girl is the ring bearer of the wedding
  • To bear something – to support, to tolerate something
  • Have your first dance – to start the party the bride and groom have a dance just by themselves
  • Wedding vows – promise you make to your partner when getting better ”to be there in sickness and in health”
  • Get cold feet – to start having thoughts that you are doing is the wrong thing and want to cancel
  • Aisle – the corridor the bride walks down to meet the groom at the alter
  • Alter – the special area when the bride and groom stand when the are marrying
  • Throw the bouquet – throw a group of flowers over the brides head as a superstitious way of predicting who will get married next
  • Garter – a piece of fabric worn around the brides leg used similar to the bouquet

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  • Arwa says:

    Hi guys thank you for the awesome podcast I really like that episode I couldn’t help laughing …you make my day ….and am going to contact you guys cuz am single too (:
    We missed Justin hope we heared his voice again thx guys and keep up the good job

    • Hey Arwa, Great to hear from you. Thanks for missing me. I’ll be back soon! I’ll pass along the message to the guys.