#141: Being a More Open Minded Learner and Traveler

Are you really taking advantage of all the opportunities you have to learn when traveling and experiencing new cultures?

In this episode Ethan talks about all the mistakes he made while staying in Thailand the last couple of months. Ethan didn’t learn the language, didn’t meet any locals, didn’t understand the culture, and didn’t make the most of this amazing opportunity.

We are going to give you some great tips on how to maximize your learning when traveling to new countries, and help you be a more active global citizen. Aww Yeah!

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Moist – a little wet
  • Pissing down – to be raining really hard
  • Prune – a dried fruit eating by old people a lot because it helps with digestion
  • Pruney – when your skin gets all dried up and wrinkly from being in water for too long
  • Piss poor – an exaggerated way to say something is really bad
  • Get by – to have enough to survive, “I can get by on $50 a week.”
  • One of my strong suits – something you are very competent at doing
  • Saving face – to avoid saying something in order to not disrespect
  • Tell it how it is – to be very straight to the point and not worry about offending people
  • Passive aggressive – to indirectly be mean or aggressive to someone to avoid confrontation
  • Rub someone the wrong way – to annoy someone, often without knowing
  • Put you off something / off-putting – to repel you, make you change your mind about something you originally could enjoy
  • Mingle – to chat to multiple people, being social
  • Straight to the hips – expression used to say that some will make you fat
  • Beer gut – a large stomach, usually in men, caused my drinking too much beer
  • Dive into – to immerse yourself in something new
  • Same goes with – the same is true with, “I learned a lot about Brazilian culture, and same goes with Spain.”
  • Overlap – an area where two parts, or ideas share space or similarities
  • Breathtaking – very beautiful
  • Put yourself out there – try something risky, make yourself vulnerable in order to grow
  • Overcome shyness – to defeat shyness
  • Bad rap – to have a bad reputation
  • Preaching to the choir – trying to convince someone of something they already believe in

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  • Seinfield, breathtaking Scene

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    Awesome podcast as always. I don’t miss any of them