#136: What’s Up Homie? (23 Home Expressions)

Have you ever been homesick? Or found a nice little home away from home?

In this podcast lesson we are going to be breaking down (explaining) more than 23 expressions related to home, teaching some connected speech pronunciation, and helping you all feel much more at home when speaking English.

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Words to Know

  • You dig? – a slang way to ask – Do you like it? 
  • Missus – a term a man can use to call his wife/girlfriend.
  • Shoot some shit – very casual way to say – have a conversation.
  • Bakery fresh – warm and fresh like when bread comes out of the oven.
  • Realtor – a person who sells houses.
  • Appealing – to attract you in a visual way.
  • Peel – skin of a fruit (noun), to action of removing the peel (verb).
  • Roots – where you were raised and born.
  • Brought up – to raise and educate.
  • Bring down – to crush someone’s dreams.
  • Squander – to crush, squeeze the life out of.
  • Rapid fire – to ask and answer questions really quickly.
  • Feijoada – Brazilian bean mixed with meat.
  • Sugar mama/daddy – to have a romantic partner that pays everything for you, they are your sugar mama or sugar daddy.
  • Second wind – to get an extra burst of energy.
  • Hospitable – an adjective to describe someone you treats your very well and is very welcoming.
  • Slack off – to be lazy and do nothing.
  • You nailed it – you got is perfectly correct.
  • Nifty – a tool or object that that is very unique but not a necessary thing to have.
  • Make a comeback – when a team is losing by a lot but wins the game in the end.
  • A man cave – a special room where men hang out with friends and watch sports.

Expressions with Home

  • Homie, home slice/skillet/brew – a slang way to say friend, buddy, man.
  • Men build houses, women build homes – it’s women that create the culture of a home.
  • A home away from home – to have a place that feels like home, but in a different location.
  • Homey – to describe a place as being very warm and welcoming.
  • There’s no place like home – there is no comparison to your own home.
  • Home sick – to be emotionally.
  • Until the cows come home – to say you will do something for a very long time.
  • Nothing to write home about – nothing special or worth mentioning.
  • Housework – the job of looking after kid and maintaining a house.
  • Housekeeping – maintaining your house and cleaning.
  • Bringing home the bacon – to be the person that makes the money for a family or household.
  • Stay at home mom/dad – a parent that looks after the kids all day and takes care of the house.
  • Home free – to be almost finishing something.
  • On the home stretch – on the last part or a race or competition.
  • Make yourself at home – expression used to make someone feel more comfortable and relaxed at your house.
  • Go hard or go home – a motivational way to tell someone to perform at 100%.
  • Hammer something home – to repeat and explain something really well.
  • To have a roof over your head – to have shelter or a house of some kind.
  • The lights are on but nobody’s home – when someone appears to be paying attention, but they aren’t listening to you.
  • To hit a wall – to have a problem that you can’t solve.
  • Feel at home – to feel comfortable and happy in a place or scenario.
  • Bring it home –  to finish in a very positive and energetic way.
  • Take home – to go home and think about something.

Connected Speech Examples

  • Me and My
  • Push and Pull
  • Sweet and Sour
  • Hours and Hours
  • Ups and Downs

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  • Diego Alexsandro Bradley says:

    Hey it was ? a great podcast that I’ve heard and I liked, even more because as it was sorted out with a some new possibilities of expressions using home, I’m very excited about it. Good job. Thanks team Real Life English global.

    • Hey Diego, That’s great to hear. Thanks for listening and commenting!

      • Diego Alexsandro Bradley says:

        Aww yeah!!!! I who thanks for you because every day I have been get better as well as I thought, in my study, in fact not my study but actually in my Life have been changed every single day I owe it all your methodology and a Brazilian guy called Mairo Vergara who gave me many good tips for my development.
        Real life English.

    • Hey Diego, That’s great to hear. Thanks for listening and commenting!