#140: Going to the Movies

Attention all movie buffs!

Are you looking for a cool way to meet with new people, make new friends, or even take someone out on a date? Well, movies are a great way to create an instant connection and give you something to talk about.

Learn some cool ways to ask people about movies, and discover more about that person through movie conversation.

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Dazzling – very impressive and beautiful
  • Red carpet – carpet used for celebrities to walk on for special situations
  • It’s been ages – it has been a long time
  • Prospector (accent) – a discoverer of the southern part of the USA
  • Lack of something – to not have enough of something
  • Paint the town red – to have a fun and exciting night
  • Rewatch –  to watch again
  • Typecast – when an actor is always thought of as playing the same character
  • A braid / braided hair – a length of hair made up of three or more interlaced strands
  • Cinephile – someone who loves movies
  • That blows – that is a negative situation
  • Ratings – a way of judging how good something is by scoring it in some way
  • Buff – a person who knows a lot about that subject
  • Critic – a persons with professional judgement to rate something
  • Rom-com – a romantic comedy (genre of movie)
  • Chick flick – a movie enjoyed a lot by women (genre of movie)
  • Movie ratings – a system used to describe the suitability of the movie for its audience
  • Keep you on the edge of your seat – to describe a movie as being very intense and exciting
  • Scoot forward – move forward
  • Gripping – very exciting
  • Nail biter – a way to describe a movie as being very suspenseful
  • overlap – when two ideas have a commonality
  • Mind fuck – adjective used to describe an unbelievable or confusing situation
  • A twist – when a movie has an unexpected ending
  • Spoiler – to tell someone the end of the movie before that watch it
  • Spoiler alert  –  expression to say you are about to say a spoiler
  • A remake – to make a movie again
  • Snoozer – something that makes you fall asleep
  • All time favorite – your favorite
  • Unwind – to relax by doing things you enjoy
  • Tear jerker – a movie which provokes crying

Questions used with movies

  • Did you see the trailer for … ? 
  • Did it get good ratings? 
  • Let’s go catch a movie?
  • What are you in the mood for?
  • What’s your all time favorite movie?
  • Do you have any preference of genre? 
  • What was the last movie your saw? 

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  • Vinicius Barbosa says:

    Hello Guys. I’m just here to say that your podcasts are awesome. It should be full of comments ’cause you’ve been doing a great job.

    • Chad Fishwick says:

      Thanks a lot Vinicius! We are glad you are feeling the benefits.

  • Josiel says:

    I really apreciate these podcasts, they’re doing my english boost. Congrats for the job, RealLife!

  • Lucas Otaku says:

    Wow, I just found this podcast, and that was the first episode that I listened.
    And I loved it!
    Definitely will help me a lot in my studies! Thanks Guys.

    • Hey Lucas, Welcome! Great to have you with us as part of our community. Aww yeah!!

  • Angelina says:

    You are doing a great job! Thank you! Could you please add some shorter podcasts (15 minutes, for example). I think short podcasts would be more useful for English learners.