RealLife Radio #102 – The Most Popular TV Phrases

episode-102-real-life-radioAww yeah, it’s time for another kick ass episode of RealLife Radio!

We have a very special episode this week for you TV lovers out there. We talk about catchphrases from many of our favorite shows, like Friends, the Simpsons, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and more!

This is an episode you can’t miss! Get a little insight into American culture, jokes, and of course ENGLISH.

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Words You Will Learn:

  • Flick through Channels – also known as channel surfing, when you aimlessly click through the TV channels to find something to watch or avoid commercials.
  • Shoot hoops – to play basketball
  • Misbehave – to act badly
  • Doozy – something outstanding and unique
  • Transcend – to go beyond the limits of
  • Keep (one’s) eyes peeled – keep a close watch, pay attention to
  • Peel a potato – to remove the skin of the potato
  • Catchphrase – a well-known sentence or phrase associated with a famous person or character
  • Player – someone (usually a man) who sleeps with many women
  • Womanizer – a man who uses women (like player, but whereas player can be an endearing term, womanizer has a much more negative connotation)
  • Wingman – a person (usually a guy) who helps you to pick up women
  • Talk (someone) up – to say good things about someone and make him or her seem exceptional
  • Bro code – rules between guy friends
  • Stub your toe – to hit your toe on the edge of something
  • Look (someone) up and down – to check someone out, to look at someone’s body in attraction

Shout Outs:

  • David from the US – These podcasts are a life-changing learning experience, perfect for language learners around the world. you learn English expressions and have an amazing time while achieving fluency with these guys. 100% Recommend, Aww Yeah! 
  • Hiago From Brazil – G’day guys, how you going? I’m Hiago from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I’m so grateful for what you’ve been doing. I have no words to describe how this podcast has been useful in my life. It has been the best way to keep in touch with English since I moved back from Straya (Australia) to Brazil. You are making the difference, well done guys! Keep going with this incredible work. Love you guys. 

Kickass Quote:

  • Everyone smiles in the same language

Conversation Topic:

  • Learn all about famous TV catchphrases from some of America’s most popular TV series. Knowing these can be a fun way to connect with native speakers on a cultural level, very important, but so few English learners do it!

Killer Clip:

Joey Teaches Rachel how to pick up a guy using his famous catchphrase “How you doing?”

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  • The Rembrandts “I’ll be there for you”

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  • ashton says:

    Awesome radio, I will be trying not to miss even once. For me, just a little bit fast:)

  • Karneiro says:

    Aww Yeah!

  • Ayse says:

    Winter is coming can be example of catchphrase in the future?

    • Andrew says:

      I think it’s already become this one

  • Andrew says:

    Great episod! Good work, guys! That’s what she said lol