#278: What to Do If Somebody Doesn’t Understand What You Said in English

As language learners, one of the most demotivating situations to be in is when someone says, “I don’t understand you.”. It can feel as though all of the hard work you’ve put in was for nothing. Knowing how to deal with this situation could be the difference between giving up and communicating confidently. So in today’s podcast, we’ll discuss some of the best techniques you can use if you’re ever in this situation, as well as tips to help you avoid having this issue in future.

Words You’ll Learn in the App

  • Dread
  • Encounter
  • Attuned
  • Enunciate
  • Mutter
  • Bring someone down
  • Vulnerability
  • Jumbled
  • Valiant
  • Up one’s sleeve

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