#128: How to Do Anything Better

Do you want to be a better English learner? Or maybe you want to finally lose weight at the gym? Or perhaps become a world-class martial artist?

There is a fundamental mindset that can help you do of these things–Really, anything you want!

Today we discuss this topic with the one, the only Kevin Conwell from Feel Good English, who is not only an expert English teacher, but also has a background in psychology, which means he is a master of the mindset required to learn a language.

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Words to Know:

  • Tubular (slang) – awesome, amazing
  • Parachute (or chute) – big piece of material used to slow descent when skydiving
  • Skydiving – sport of jumping out of planes
  • Bounce – to jump up and down
  • Con (someone) – to trick someone to give you money
  • Conman/Con artist – someone who cons people for a living
  • Wicked (slang) – awesome (outdated)
  • The 90’s – the 1990’s
  • Swindle – to con or trick someone
  • Gypsy – nomadic person traditionally living by trade and fortune telling
  • Crap – less vulgar way to say shit
  • Into (something) – to like or enjoy something
  • Into (someone) – to like or have a crush on someone
  • Grow out – to grow longer (hairs, nails, etc.)
  • Sleazy – dishonorable, immoral, dirty
  • Pull off – to accomplish; (with clothing) to look good
  • To each their own – expression used to say that one should do what makes him or her happy, even though it is different from what you would like or do
  • Midriff – another word for the belly
  • Worn out – very tired, sick of
  • Shovel – tool used to move dirt or snow
  • Prodigy – a young person with exceptional abilities
  • Shortcut – an easier, more convenient way of doing something
  • Once in a blue moon – once in a great while, rarely
  • Show off – boastfully display one’s abilities or accomplishments
  • gunsGym rat – someone who spends large amounts of time at the gym
  • Meat head – someone who lifts weights and has very big muscles (can be offensive)
  • Guns (slang) – a way to refer to one’s arm muscles
  • Picanha / Rump / Filet Mignon – different cuts of beef
  • Tantalizing – exciting the senses (often used of food)
  • Bulk up – to gain more muscle
  • Booty (slang) – butt, ass
  • Shoot the shit (slang) – to have an informal conversation

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  • Moisés Rocha says:

    Hey there! This podcast is so good,and Kevin is savvy English teacher. You rock!!

  • I just want to say Awww yeah!

  • Anderson Carlos Moura says:

    What’s up homies!!
    I didn’t hear this one yet, but I’ve downloaded many others through my phone. All that are fun, convenient and RealLife way of learning English. I also figured out that I’ve achieved the ~1,5 level. I understand Chad, I often get what Mr vocabulary says and one day I hope to look up to Justin’s mom and be able to understand him sometimes. Kkk
    It was I had to say to you all guys, well done!!
    Aww Yeah!!!

    (lately I have no Internet connection to follow some tips. It wasn’t my complete feedback)

    • Ethan says:

      Hey Anderson, thank you so much for your kind words! It seems like your English is getting pretty kickass 😉 Keep up the good work!

      Big hug, buddy.

  • Nguyễn Thị Diệu Bình says:

    how can i get the transcript ??