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Start Understanding Native Speakers!

RealLife Radio Power Learning Package

  • Understand Native Speakers at normal speed
  • 42 Power Lessons - over 1500 pages of vocabulary, idioms, and pronunciation
  • 42 Podcasts in MP3 - Over 25 hours of audio learning materials 
  • 42 Anki Memorization Files - 1300 new words (remember every one!)
  • Exclusive access to the Fluency Circle, our community of English learners

$120.00 one time payment
(That's just $2.86 per lesson!)

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This is what you get with the
RealLife Radio Power Lessons Package

Power Lessons

More than 1500 pages with transcript, explaining EVERYTHING that from an intermediate-advanced point of view. Each Power Lesson Contains:

  • 100+ Native Vocabulary Explanations and Pictures explaining the most essential idioms, slang, phrasal verbs, collocations, and grammar.
  • 50+ Examples of Native Pronunciation Analysis of how natives really cut, connect, and eat their words.
  • Cultural Reference Notes for explanations of jokes cultural and historical context

Memorization and Pronunciation Training

Weekly Anki vocabulary lessons teaching the 30 most useful idioms and connected speech phrases for each episode, with audio.

  • Makes a Game of Vocabulary Learning
  • Free Mobile App
  • 30 new words per week (1300 total words)
  • With Audio for Listening & Pronunciation

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Exclusive lifetime access to our private international community of RealLife English students, both on Facebook and WhatsApp.

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