#120: English in Japan with Drew Badger

In this episode or RealLife Radio we have another special guest, the founder of English Anyone, Drew Badger!

In this interesting conversation you are going to learn all about Drew’s adventures with Japanese culture and his unique teaching style, which he uses to teach Japanese babies English!!

If a Japanese baby can speak English, you can too.

To discover more about Drew you MUST watch all his youtube videos, and also take a look at his website.

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Words you should know: 

  • zany – funny and a little crazy
  • cantankerous – a person who disagrees with everything
  • likewise – in the same way, often used to replace ‘me too’
  • incidentally – used to say you are surprised by this information
  • peek a boo – game played with babies when you cover your face (peek – to look / boo – noise to scare someone with)
  • to riff with someone – to free talk with people in a creative way
  • a little one –  common way to call a baby
  • bow – Japanese way of showing respect when you lower your head
  • on and off – for consistent but temporary periods of time
  • bugs – a general name for a small insect
  • leave it up to her – to let someone make a decision by themselves
  • piece together to connect different ideas
  • mess with someone – to joke with someone or play a trick on them
  • bogus – a negative or unfortunate occasion
  • to curse – to use bad words, to swear
  • leeway – some flexibility in the rules
  • sigh of relief – a noise made when you realise nothing bad will happen
  • bean bag – a bag filled with beans commonly used for children’s sports activities
  • ostracize – to expel someone from a group of people
  • against the grain – something that isn’t what everyone else does, or consider normal
  • pull someone aside – to privately tell someone something so no one else can hear
  • steam – watery smoke, vapor
  • from the chest up – someone’s body from the part of their chest to their head (see Drew teaching in a hot bath)
  • trade off – to exchange or make a concession
  • coffin – wooden box where you put dead people
  • hurdle – an obstacle in a difficult situation
  • knock you head against a wall – expression used to say that something is really frustrating and seems impossible
  • Yakuza – a traditional Japanese mafia organization
  • it’s like kicking a dead horse – to continue to pursue something even though you will definitely fail
  • a coming of age movie – a movie that shows a boy becoming a man
  • Robin Hood – folkloric character who robs from the rich and gives to the poor
  • frontrunner – the leader in a competition
  • coke – slang term form cocaine
  • weed – slang term for marijuana, cannabis
  • confiscate – a formal way to say to take something away from someone
  • stifling  – suffocating; oppressively close
  • knocking back whisky – to be drinking in a fast and casual way
  • all bets are off – nothing will have any consequences
  • wipe the slate clean – to be able to start all over again

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