RealLife English Podcast 114: Are You Ready For Global English?

Imagine if the whole world could communicate through one unifying language… that day is coming very soon and you can be part of it!

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If you don’t have time to listen to this whole podcast at least make the time to watch this amazing video about global citizenship, and the positive effects of expanding your empathy.

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Jason Silva Explaining Global Citizenship

Please watch this video and leave a comment telling us what you thought about it.

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  • Mary Hardy says:

    What a fabulous video, the Big Picture explained so clearly! Thought-provoking and inspiring. I hope it is seen by people who may not have given this issue much thought. It’s time for a shift in consciousness, and awareness that we’re all in this together.
    Mary Hardy

    • Chad Fishwick says:

      Definitely Mary! It’s great to hear your enthusiasm about the topic and we are really hoping to promote this kind of consciousness shift through the English language. It’s all about expanding our line of vision, and our empathy to a global perspective. Awww yeah!!!

  • Vladimir Anyanov says:

    I’ve never been abroad but through English I feel connected to the whole world. Just last Sunday I had a nice meeting with nationals from 3 different countries in my local English conversational club. We spoke the same language and it didn’t matter who came from where. I live in Russia but through English I consider even Australians as my countrymen.

    • Hey Vladmimir, That’s awesome! It sounds like you’re a model learner and global citizen with some nice experience to back it up. Thanks for listening and sharing with us!

      • Vladimir Anyanov says:

        Language unites people. If I feel unity with Russians living abroad why shouldn’t I feel the same with Australians, for example? They and I watch the same sitcom Friends, listen to Natalia Imbruglia etc. So basicly I share the culture with them and it does not matter that thousand miles separate us. With the Internet there is no such a thing as distance. I am more connected to some of my English speaking friends than to people I see everyday. English works miracles!