#124: Cooking with the RealLife Guys

Do you consider yourself a master chef? Would you know how to name all the equipment in a kitchen?

Unfortunately we are not going to help you become a better cook, but we will at least help you with some new cooking vocabulary, teach you some very important aspects of native pronunciation, and hopefully help you have a fun time learning kitchen English.

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Words You Should Know:

  • whip up cream – to mix cream really quickly to make it softer and ideal for putting on cakes.
  • nutty – to contain nuts, to be a little crazy (for a person).
  • crack an egg – to break an egg.
  • spill the beans – to expose information that could be considered a secret.
  • a bun in the oven – expression used to say a woman is pregnant.
  • a bun – the name given to a single piece of bread, typically a hamburger bun.
  • buns on you butt – the cheeks of your buttocks.
  • go commando – to not wear underwear under your shorts (used generally just by me).
  • hammock – a net you can tie between trees to make a suspended bed
  • banana hammock – very informal way to describe a man’s bathing suite, or speedo.
  • wife beater – the name for a typical tank top worn often by working class men, mechanics, plumbers, etc…
  • apparel – clothing.
  • budgie – a small household bird.
  • smuggle – to transport illegally, often used for drugs or exotic animals.
  • get your head out of the gutter – expression used to tell someone to stop thinking of dirty things.
  • to get the ball rolling – to start an activity, gain motivation
  • drooling –  to salivate, have a watery mouth because you are really hungry
  • to have a hankering for something – to really want something, to have a strong desire.
  • to crave something – to really want something, to have a strong desire.
  • you blew my mind – to be amazed and in disbelief about what someone has said.
  • sink – the place where you wash dishes,
  • blender – the object used to mix and liquify
  • to rock something – to do something consistently and really well
  • stir – to mix with a spoon.
  • stir someone up – to make someone feel emotional based on what you have said
  • fire someone up – to motivate someone.
  • spoon rest – support used to hold a spoon while you are cooking so you don’t dirty everything.
  • at the wheel – driving a car.
  • everything but the kitchen sink – expression used to say that someone will do everything. >> He ate everything but the kitchen sink.
  • stove – to top part of a cooker where you fry and cook food.
  • oven – the bottom section of a cooker where you bake and roast food.
  • grill – area to cook food, generally meat, above a fire over metal rests.
  • to grill someone – to ask you lots of questions and pressure you about something
  • the fridge – the refrigerator
  • we are on the same page – we are talking about, or thinking about the same thing.
  • ice cube tray – rows of plastic squares used to form ice cubes.
  • built in – to have been installed, or already. >> My microphone has a built in equalizer. 
  • know it like the back of your hand – rows of plastic squares used to form ice cubes.
  • dishwasher – an machine that washers your plates and utensils, very common in the USA.
  • to get your hands dirty – to do manual labour,  working instead of just telling people what to do
  • the nitty gritty – the very details and intricate parts of a job or tasks.
  • secret sauce – the unique aspect of a company or individual person
  • bread and butter – a job or activity that makes you the money you need to live.
  • don’t cry over spilled milk – expression used to tell someone to not worry about small problems in the past.
  • dropping bombs – when a rapper spontaneously makes some really cool lyrics
  • a half baked idea – when an idea sounds a little crazy
  • stoner language – terminology used by cannabis smokers.
  • to take something with a grain of salt – to not need to believe someone’s advice, or opinion 100% >> I would take that with a grain of salt because he doesn’t have that much experience.
  • a bad apple – a bad or corrupt person in a group, typically someone whose behavior has a detrimental influence on others.
  • a hand in poker – the series of cards you are holding
  • don’t put all your eggs in one basket – to make a situation less risky by
  • you can’t have your cake and eat it too – expression used to say you can’t have two things that are contradictory.
  • to butter someone up – to treat someone really well before asking them for a favor
  • the cream of the crop – the best
  • too many cooks spoil broth – if you have too many people doing the same thing, it can have a negative effect on the
  • outcome.
  • bit off more than you can chew – to accept more responsibility or work than you can actually handle.
  • your eyes were bigger than your stomach – to take more food than you can actually eat because it looks so good.

Cool links mentioned in the podcast

  • Seinfeld Scene – Kramer butters himself up

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  • Yogesh maccks says:

    Hi guys once again great job this podcast is pretty dope with lot’s of vocabs
    I m really happy that you guys are back into action making lot of podcasts thats really cool and
    I enjoy chad’s little jokes.chad you’re awesome man
    Aww yeah guys !!!! From(India)

    • Aww Yeah Yogesh! Thanks for listening and sharing your thoughts! Have a great week buddy!

  • aldhiez says:

    Just saying, this episode goes to ‘G’ to ‘PG-13’ pretty quickly guys!! Hahaha!! never thought in my life that i will knew Chad is often going commando though. Another fun excellent podcast, guys! I am really jealous of three of you chatting together. Really want to join the conversation. Maybe sometimes you can ask one of us to join the podcast?? maybeeee?? Subscribing on the iTunes!

    • RealLife says:

      Hey there Aldhiez, Justin here. Hahaha yeah we tend to do that pretty quickly. We just gotta figure out how to get the “explicit” off of iTunes (it’s been on there forever and we have toned it down quite a bit). Great idea about having a listener on our podcast. We actually did that (I think it was #112- All-Star Tips from a Model Learner). We’ll be launching our Social English Learning Platform soon so if you participate on it we’ll meet for sure. Take care!

      • aldhiez says:

        Justin! You don’t realize it’s me, Rizaldi Rachman, don’t you? 😀 I am psyched up to see the new platform, Justin!!! Can’t wait! Send my love to Chad and Ethan also!