#239: Money Idioms and Slang for Everyday Conversation

In this week’s podcast, Ethan and Ollie talk all about money. You will learn idioms and expressions related to money that you can start using today in your real-life conversations or on the RealLife App. Learning these idioms and expressions will make you sound more natural when you speak English. So, take out your pen and paper, and get ready to write some of these expressions down.

Money Idioms and Expressions

  • Have more money than sense
  • Spend money like water
  • Be tight-fisted
  • Cost a fortune 
  • Break the bank
  • …and 13 more on the app!

Learn More Words in the App

  • Step it up a notch
  • Save up
  • Afforded to (someone)
  • Budget
  • Track (your spending)
  • Split the bill
  • Get ripped off
  • I’m not made of money
  • Cost an arm and a leg

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  • Rolando says:

    Incredible episode!
    Lots of idioms related to the topic.
    I really enjoy listening to you guys!

    • Ksenia Aktas says:

      Hi, Rolando! Aww YEah! Our team tries to do our best to make educational lessons for English learners. So great to hear you found it helpful!