#139: Beautiful English Pronunciation

Lucy from the popular YouTube English channel, English with Lucy, is here to tell us all about how to speak English clearly and confidently.

Lucy got her feet wet in ESL while teaching English in Seville, Spain. She is fluent in Andalusian Spanish and is currently learning Italian. Working with Spanish students, she knows how challenging learning a non-phonetic language like English can be, and has many tips to share with us!

This episode will be especially helpful if you speak a latin language like Spanish or Portuguese.

We had a lot of fun and laughs with this episode, and we hope you will, too!

Aww yeah, let’s jump in…

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Tingly – experiencing a slight stinging or prickling sensation
  • Suffocate – to cause to die from a lack of air or inability to breathe
  • Macho – overly masculine, assertive, or dominating
  • Feminize – to make more womanly
  • Crops – a cultivated plant grown in large scale
  • Hence – for this reason
  • Kick out – to forcibly make someone leave a place
  • Placement – in England, this is a practical working opportunity in a company specializing in your area of study
  • Shut down – to close an establishment permanently
  • Bizarre – extremely strange
  • The world is your oyster – you are in a position to take advantage of the many advantage that life has to offer
  • Algorithm – problem solving operations (usually in a computer)
  • Binge watch – to watch many episodes of a TV series without taking breaks
  • Binge drinking – to drink alcohol over a large period of time
  • Going pins and needles – to be anxious
  • Where there’s a will there’s a way – if you are persistent you can be successful
  • Secondhand – used, not new
  • Phone up – to call someone
  • Budget – low-cost
  • Underdog – someone thought to have little chance of winning or succeeding
  • Tackle – to jump on top of (in sports); to look for a solution to a problem
  • Take someone under your wing – to help someone by providing guidance or mentorship
  • The poster child of (something) – a person or thing that represents a specified quality or cause
  • Posh – upper-class, elegant, stylish (British English)
  • A notch below – a level below
  • RP – Received Pronunciation (the Queen’s English) (hear it here)
  • Valley Girl – typical rich, fashionable woman from the Valley of Southern California. The accent is very stereotypical of Americans in other English speaking countries (hear it here)
  • Geordie – typical thick accent from Newcastle (hear it here)
  • Scouse – accent from Liverpool (hear it here)
  • Gusto – enjoyment and enthusiasm in doing something
  • Start from scratch – to start from zero
  • Twat – female genitalia; used to call someone stupid (slang)
  • Bollocks – male genitalia; nonsense (Lucy teaches us more about twat and bollocks, here)
  • Constipated – a condition in which one has difficulty emptying the bowels

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  • Luis says:

    I just loved this podcast, enjoyed it very much, and found it very helpful, too. Congratulations for your very interesting webpage. It was great to listen to this girl Lucy, such an intelligent, prepared and capable woman- and funny too!. Thank you, I had fun listening to you all.

  • Jack Milgram says:

    She’s great! I’ve come across this Guide to English Phonetic System https://custom-writing.org/blog/phonetics?highlight=english. I thought I’d share. Someone might find it helpful.