#125: Love, Sickness, and Halloween

Are you ready to really test your English comprehension with an Aussie (Australian), a Yank (American), and a Brit (British) all in one podcast? Today you can with our special guest, Jack Askew!

Jack, originally from Preston, is an online English teacher who not only helps thousands of people achieve English fluency, he also teaches people how to create online teaching businesses.

In this episode you’re going to hear about Jack’s serendipitous (definition below) story of meeting his wife Kate, his travels through South America, and his adaption to American halloween culture, all while you learn a ton of great new vocabulary.

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Words You Should Know:

  • frazzle-dazzle – to really impress someone, to astonish.
  • juggling – to throw object (generally balls) into the air without letting them drop.
  • chainsaw – an powered saw with cutting teeth connected by a chain used to cut down trees.
  • watering – to give water to plants.
  • dazzle someone – to impress, to astonish.
  • upgrade – to get a better version of something.
  • drizzly – to constantly be lightly raining.
  • dreary – for the weather to be very dark and grey, often depression weather.
  • harsh – to be extreme.
  • coincidentally – to happen by coincidence, to not be planned.
  • to hit it off – to have an instant connection with another person, sometimes romantic or just friendly.
  • I couldn’t keep anything down – to vomit, not be able to hold your food in your stomach because you feel sick.
  • the upside – the positive aspect of a situation.
  • dive into something – to do something with no hesitation.
  • serendipitous – a happy coincidence.
  • to fall into place – fit together, to make sense, follow the correct course of action.
  • every cloud has a silver lining – even a negative situation has a positive lesson we can learn from it.
  • roll with the punches – go with the flow, be able to spontaneously change and adapt to new situations.
  • to draw a blank – to not remember what you were going to say.
  • lose your train of thought – to suddenly forget what you were talking about.
  • step out of your comfort zone – to put yourself in situations that will test your ability, and generally teach you something.
  • drag you down – to stop a persons growth.
  • threatening – to cause danger.
  • sub-consciously – to affect the part of your consciousness that is not perceived by your rational thinking mind.
  • will power – to motivation people have to accomplish goals, and do general difficult things.
  • wear you down – to make your tired, force you to give up.
  • floss – a string which is used to clean between teeth.
  • overwhelming – 
  • peer pressure – to feel forced to do something just because people around you are doing it and telling you to do it too.
  • give in to something – to admit defeat, to not resist temptation.
  • level up – to advance to a higher level
  • fall – another way to say Autumn (the season)
  • leftovers – food that didn’t get eaten in a meal that you can eat at a later time
  • don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk – to no just say you are going to do something but to actually do it

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