#173: Adventures, Backpacking, and Learning English in a Hostel

On this podcast we have shared a lot about Ethan and Chad’s travels, but have you heard the incredible adventures of Justin before he settled down in Brazil?

Well, in this episode you will hear Justin’s fun and adventurous story, and we will give you some recommendations for travel and how it can even be more effective learning English in your own city instead of traveling to an English speaking country!

All this and more in this episode of the RealLife English Podcast… Aww Yeah!

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Wanderlust – a passion to discover the world
  • Globetrotting – traveling around the world
  • Hitchhike – to request to ride in someone’s car by sticking your thumb out while standing or walking by the road
  • Chopsticks – thin, long sticks used as an eating utensil in many Asian countries
  • Be in the hot seat – to be on the spot to answer questions
  • Glowing – emitting a soft light
  • Bridge the gap – to connect two ideas
  • Frown – facial expression showing sadness or displeasure (opposite of a smile)
  • To frown upon – to disapprove
  • Cage – to trap in a metal box
  • Get the (travel) bug – to become addicted to travel
  • Lust -have a strong sexual desire for someone or a strong desire for something
  • Get off the beaten path – to escape the most popular tourist destinations and attractions for more adventurous ones
  • Snapshot – a photograph
  • Glorify (something) – to describe or represent as unjustifiably admirable
  • Work your ass off – to work really hard
  • Blindfold – a piece of fabric used to cover one’s eyes so she can’t see


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  • Jörg says:

    Very interesting episode, especially for someone who is suffering from itchy feet. Being a German I was surprised and also a bit flattered that American English has adopted our expression “Wanderlust”. Recently I read John Steinbeck’s classic “Travels with Charley” and found that a treasure trove for travel-related issues.

    Left a Five Star Review on iTunes.

    • Justin says:

      Hey Jorg, thanks for your nice words and support- and also the 5 star review, which all mean a lot to us. I’m glad we can put words to your itchy feet –
      nice expression- (and wanderlust) I’ve read “Travel’s with Charley” too and I found it amazing also. Thanks for reminding me about it! Aww yeah!!

  • Peter says:

    Hello, it is a great podcast, may I know where I can get the PDF file of this podcast. Thank you.

  • Heleno says:

    Hey, man! I love this podcast! I´m waiting for another episode, but you´re taking too long.

  • samuel says:

    oi meu nome é samuel

  • Ngô says:

    why doesnot the speech have the subtitle?

  • valdelino says:

    Great podcast! May I have the transcript?

  • Saúl Choxóm Herrera says:

    I would tohave transcripts of all episodes

  • youcef says:

    I have been following Ethan lessons actuality,I enjoyed the way he reached out the information to learners
    Thank so much

  • Jolie says:

    Thanks for your great episode. I hope you give us the transcript to make our study easier.
    Thank you again <3

  • sergio Roberto nunes Jacini says:

    It’s a wonderful amazing