#133: Ethan Travels to Asia and Plays With Kittens

Ethan is in Asia!

Our beloved Mr V (Ethan) is helping our brothers and sisters from Japan to Thailand with their English speaking skills, while connecting and making as many new friends as possible.

In this episode we will hear about his travels so far, explaining all the most important vocabulary and pronunciation along the way.

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Words to Know

  • Graceful – to move in a very beautiful way
  • Didgeridoo – hollow wooden instrument played by Australia aboriginals
  • AC – the air-conditioner
  • Trip over – to fall over something
  • To have 2 left feet – to have very bad dancing abilities
  • Clumsy – uncoordinated
  • Hold Off – to restrain from doing something until it’s more appropriate
  • Lose track of something – not follow numerically, forget the number of something
  • Kitten – a baby cat
  • To burn money – to spend money on unnecessary things (derived from the expression ‘to burn a hole in your pocket’)
  • Soak yourself in that culture – to absorb the culture as a native
  • Your birthday suit – naked
  • Ink up – to get a tattoo
  • Suit up – expression form ‘How I Met Your Mother’ meaning to put on a suit – see article
  • Sagging / to sag – in reference to skin – when it much looser and drops, cause by getting old
  • Tied to – connected with
  • Engrained – deeply inserted (in the podcast we were referencing an idea engrained into culture)
  • Bump into someone – to accidentally hit someone while walking, generally with you shoulder or arm
  • Rush hour – the busiest parts of the day for commuting
  • Run into – to randomly see someone you know in public – see video
  • Wrap your head around something – to not be able to understand or make sense of something
  • Bow – lower your head to show respect
  • Ferry – boat used to transport people and cars between islands, or river sides
  • Fairy – magical character generally portrayed as a small woman with wings and special powers (same pronunciation as ferry)
  • Hurricane – a storm with very strong winds – also known as a typhoon
  • Mellow out – to become more relaxed and take it easy
  • Yiddish – language used by Jewish people in Europe before the Holocaust
  • Lug around – to carry heavy luggage around to many places
  • Hassled – to get approached in an irritating way to buy stuff
  • Mingle – to socialize and meet new people
  • Over-run – to change who controls the environment
  • To be in the same boat – expressions to say ‘we are in the same position’
  • Cross paths – to meet people while both being on separate journeys
  • Settle down – get comfortable and start
  • Tame an animal – train an animal to follow human commands
  • Get in touch with – connect and communicate with

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