Beyond Borders 16: Become a Better English Speaker and Avoid Misunderstandings | Cultural Awareness with Jennifer Kumar

Jennifer Kumar is an English conversation and cross-cultural coach. She lived in India for more than 10 years and even studied her masters degree there. Through her business Authentic Journeys, she helps Americans and Indians strengthen their business relationships through the development of mutual understanding of cultural and linguistic aspects.

Get ready for a really unique episode of Beyond Borders. You know, learning English is only partly about the actual language. The other huge part is learning about the culture. Of course, it can be beneficial to learn about American and British culture. However, English is the global language, so you need to be confident in your abilities to communicate with people from any cultural background. Today’s interview with Jennifer will give you a ton of valuable tips to help you to be a diplomatic communicator, whether in business settings, or more friendly ones. We talk about some beautiful places in the USA that you have probably never heard of. We discuss why the questions you ask in English are probably not the same ones you would ask in your native country. Jennifer shares how to have good body language, so you can avoid uncomfortable situations whether in person or over a video call on zoom. She also tells you how you can feel more confident speaking on the phone, and what to do if you work receiving calls and someone tells you they want to speak with a native. And so, so much more in episode 16 of Beyond Borders!

Words You’ll Learn in the App

  • Otherworldly
  • To be taken aback
  • Stews
  • Endearing
  • Give a peek into
  • Haphazard
  • Props
  • Disgruntled
  • Pin drop silence
  • Stool
  • And many more in the app.

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