#182: 12 Native British Expressions

 In this podcast you will have tons of fun seeing Ethan trying to guess some British expressions. If you want to laugh a lot while learning English and improving your vocabulary, then this podcast is perfect for you!


  • Common British expressions unknown to Americans.
  • Game: Stump the Chump.

Words You’ll Learn:

  • Marvelous: causing great wonder; extraordinary.
  • To stump (someone): to try to trick someone.
  • Stump the Chump: game where one person challenges another person in public to make him or her appear foolish.
  • Dapper: fancy.
  • Plateau: a flat mountain; a period of slow progress.
  • I’m chuffed to bits: to be very pleased or satisfied.
  • Donkey’s years: since a very long time.
  • Stop whinging: stop complaining.
  • Stop your bitching (Am. E.): stop complaining a lot.
  • That’s bitching (Am. E.): Something really great.
  • To be knackered: to be very tired.
  • Stop waffling: to tell someone to stop rambling, when they are not explaining something in a concise way.
  • Stop faffing: stop being lazy.
  • Taking the Mickey: making fun of someone.
  • Full of beans: with a lot of energy
  • Bouncing off the walls: full of energy.
  • It was chockablock: very busy, crowded.
  • I’m skint: when you don’t have any money, when you are broke.
  • To be gutted: to be very upset.
  • Rank: Disgusting
  • Minging: Rank, disgusting
  • Rocking chair: a chair mounted on rockers or springs, which can rock back and forth.
  • Quintessentially: used to emphasize the most perfect or typical example of a quality.
  • Snob: a person regarded as arrogant and annoying.
  • To ameliorate: to improve
  • Jam packed: when something is very full.
  • Fulfilling: something that makes you feel happy and satisfied.
  • Harsh: cruel or severe.
  • Gibberish: unintelligible or meaningless speech or writing; nonsense.
  • To slack off: when you are being lazy
  • Gullible: naive, easy for people to take advantage of you.
  • Something rings a bell: something sounds familiar.
  • Right old knees up: to have a good time
  • The bee’s knees: when something is the best or very cool.


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  • Marco says:

    Superb lesson as always and thanks a bunch for the shout-out, you’ve made my day:) !

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    Hi, I’m an English learner and I follow your podcasts in Castbox but how can I have access to the transcripts?
    Thanks so much

  • Zeina says:

    These podcasts are very hand helpful and it shows great improvement in my language. Thank you.

    • Ethan says:

      Aww yeah, Zeina, thanks so much for your support! That means a lot!

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