#127: Become More Outgoing In English

Are you taking yourself too seriously when it comes to speaking English?

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone, stop getting too stressed out about what other people think of you, and become a much more outgoing English speaker.

Learn new ways to start a conversation and now feel strange or uncomfortable. Aww yeah!!

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  • Quirky – someone with unique character traits
  • Weirdo – a person who acts very strange
  • Existential – ideas that question the meaning of life and human existence
  • Make a fool of yourself – to do something that makes you look silly
  • Mr chuckles – to chuckle is another way to say laugh, Chad called Ethan this because he wouldn’t stop laughing
  • Cracking some jokes – slang way to say tell some jokes
  • Crack a whip – to action of using a whip and making that loud whipping noise, just like Indiana Jones
  • Sidesplitting – an adjective meaning something is very funny
  • Ponder – the think deeply about something
  • Outgoing – to be very social and proactive socially
  • Warm up to someone – to slowly start to like someone more and more
  • Come out of your shell – to start to be less shy and act more naturally
  • Homie – a slang term for your friend
  • To touch on something – to talk briefly about a topic
  • Turn the tables – to reverse your positioning in relation to another person. >> The tables have turned, now I am
  • your boss.
  • Put someone on a pedestal – to treat someone much inferior to yourself.
  • Get over yourself – to not take yourself so seriously.
  • To get dumped – to have someone break up with you in a romantic relationship, generally in a bad way.
  • You win some you lose some – expression used to say that you can’t always be victorious in what you do.
  • Full blown conversation – a very complete and possible intense conversation.
  • To stretch yourself – to push yourself to your limits
  • Out on a limb – to put yourself in a vulnerable position.
  • Rub somebody the wrong way – to irritate someone.
  • Get out of your bubble – to communicate and connect with people that aren’t in your typical social environment.
  • Baby steps – little actions that push you towards your goal
  • To plug something – to mention a concept or product to advertise it in a more casual way.
  • Put a sock in something – expression used to tell someone to shut up.
  • Tag – piece of fabric at the back of your shirt showing the size, material, and where the shirt was made.
  • Awkward – to be acting, or when a situation is strange and uncomfortable.
  • A script – written out parts of speech to help you remember what you want to say.

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  • Arwa says:

    Hi guys nice one thank you a lot I really need to fallow your tips cuz am a shy person …thank you very much and awwyyah

    • Aww Yeah, Arwa, that’s awesome to have you listening to the RLR podcast. Being shy is okay, but it’s great to connect with people too! Thanks for connecting with us :0)

  • maiathesun says:

    And making some love??? Hahaha, I am a HUGE fan of you guys!!! Im not the typical one who comments on things or send messages like these one, but I really wanted to let you know my gratitude! I studied English every single year in school and college, and thought I was a pretty advanced English speaker. It wasn’t until I moved to LA and I had to COMMUNICATE and work with others in English that I realized that I not only wasn’t as good as I thought, but that I also HAD NO IDEA!!! It is so difficult for me to communicate without stuttering, weird silences or making complicated maths on my mind thinking on what and how I should say things. I listen to your (mostly old!) podcasts everyday while I am driving (you know LA traffic) and honestly I feel like I am learning and practicing a lot. I’ve learnt to write down and be active if I want to learn, and that shyness can be your greatest foe. Thanks a lot, guys! Keep doing what you do!

    • RealLife says:

      Aww Yeah buddy! Thanks for kind message and the support. That’s awesome that you’re living in LA and living your English. You’re writing is pretty darn good, and kudos for your attitude and dedication. You’re bound to keep improving, my friend. Take care!