#160: What to Do if No One Supports You

Do you ever feel alone in your learning, like you don’t have anyone who helps and supports you? Who tells you to keep going and is rooting for you to be successful?

If you have ever wished that you had friends, family, or a role model who would support you through the challenge of learning English, then this podcast episode is just for you!

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Scaling – climbing
  • Get out of here – expression used when someone says something unbelievable or we think they must be joking
  • Champion (someone’s) cause – to support a challenge that someone else is undertaking
  • Get ahead of oneself – to act prematurely
  • Lay the groundwork – to create a foundation for a bigger or more complex topic
  • Guru – an influential expert or teacher
  • Climb the corporate ladder – to advance in a business or company
  • Thank someone from the bottom of your heart – to be extremely grateful to someone
  • Broach a topic – to begin to talk about or share one’s opinion about something
  • Pat – to lightly hit with an open palm
  • Pat (someone) on the back – to congratulate someone or suggest that they have performed well at something
  • Needy – to have a great necessity for someone’s attention or approval
  • Vibe – to empathize or get along with someone
  • Coin a term – to invent a new word or phrase


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