RealLife Radio #109 – Practice Your Speaking, AND Make Friends Around the World

Do you want an opportunity to practice your English speaking, make a lot of cool new friends, share your culture, and discover the world?

Now you can with the NEW RealLife Global platform. In this episode we will explain how, and show your all the amazing ways it will benefit your English fluency, and your life. Aww Yeah!

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Words You Will Learn: 

  • Get ripped – to make your body more defined by working out at the guy
  • Arm wrestle – a test of arm strength when you lock hands and force you opponents hand down
  • Eye lids – skin flap that covers your eyes when you close them
  • Cheer someone on – to support someone vocally, like you would at a football game
  • Burst at the seams with excitement – to explode with excitement
  • Ecstatic – really excited
  • Stubby – an Australian (aussie) term for a little bottle of beer
  • Social circle – a small group of friends that connect with each other
  • Roll into another subject – to change conversation subjects in a smooth way
  • Lay it on me – tell me the information
  • Ahead of his time – had a more advanced perspective on the world
  • Give someone the run down – give someone a summarized version of a story
  • Let the cat out of the bag – to tell a secret or disclose secret information
  • Fist hand experience – learning something by doing it
  • Singlish – Singaporean English
  • Bump into someone – meet someone unexpectedly
  • Every cloud has a silver lining – in every bad situation there is something positive


  • Yohanna from Colombia – Oh my god! I can’t believe this webpage exists, I was looking for something like this and no I have found.

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Kick Ass Quote:

  • I’m not born from one corner, the whole world is my native land -Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Conversation Topic:

  • Learn about all the benefits you can get from the new RealLife Global platform, and how you can start speaking English, making friends, and discover the world.

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Song: First aid Kit – Silver lining

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  • Cath says:

    Thank you for this episode! And for the platform!

  • Deti Oktalia says:

    all of podcast are really awesome and your voice really amazing!!!
    how to get the transcript of this podcast?

  • David David says:


  • Omkar Pramod Khadamkar says:

    “Show me my silver lining” Loved the song!

    • Ethan says:

      Man I love it too 😀

  • Aline Izaías says:

    Man, why I can’t dowload the podcast in MP3 any more ? I have not internet to listen this on the streets 🙁

    By the way, I love your podcast. I’m learning a lot practicing my english with it. Thank you a bunch !