#215: Actually Achieve Your 2021 Goals with this Podcast

It’s 2021 and many people are thinking about their resolutions. Maybe one of your goals for this year is to improve your English. In this podcast, Ethan and Justin talk about some scientifically validated ways that you can implement to actually be successful in achieving your goals this year. 

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  •  Goal setting & habits
  • The Golden Circle
  • SMART goals

Words You’ll Learn:

  • Firework
  • Roman candle
  • Rampant
  • New years resolutions
  • Burning desire
  • Own up to something
  • Fall off the horse
  • Come clean with someone
  • Accountability / to hold someone accountable

Quick Definitions:

  • Resolute: doing something in a very determined way because you have very strong beliefs, aims, etc.
  • Have a soft spot in your heart: to feel that you like someone very much.
  • This quote will set the stage for us to talk about this subject“: used to mean that conditions have been made right for something to happen, or that something is likely to happen. 
  • Paraphrase: to repeat something written or spoken using different words.
  • “Habits will be rocket fuel for anything that you want to achieve in your life”: something that gives you energy or encourages you to do something, or that encourages something to happen.
  • Light a fire within you: to motivate you.
  • Show up: to arrive at a place, especially somewhere where you’re supposed to be.
  • “It snowballs into something more powerful”: if something snowballs, it starts a series of events or changes that all happen because of each other
  • Trips you up: if something trips you up, it makes you make mistakes.
  • “New year, new me”: something we say at the start of the year to mean we wish to adopt new positive habits.
  • Shoot for something: aspire to something.
  • You have to pace yourself“: if you pace yourself, you move at the right speed: not too slow, but not too fast. 
  • Pivot: to turn or balance on a central point, or to make something do this.


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  • Felicia Permuter says:

    I have enjoyed a lot,listening your podcast . You speak very clearly and the explication have been easy and
    to catch up —-I appreciate 🙏 your method of teaching and I thank you for helping me to communicate with my family who lives in the State⁶

    • Justin says:

      Aww yeah, Felicia, that’s so awesome to hear! keep up the good work and keep livin’ your English!