Beyond Borders with Ethan #1: Speak English with Vanessa — How to Find Time to Learn and More…

In this debut episode of the show, you are going to learn a ton and get a lot of inspiration from Vanessa. She’s an American English teacher who has over 3 million subscribers on her Speak English with Vanessa YouTube channel. In this episode of Beyond Borders with Ethan she talks about her time living in France, where working as a nanny she taught English to the two children she was babysitting. She also tells us about why she deleted all the social media apps off of her phone, how her perspective changed moving abroad and how she prevents losing her French skills while living in the USA, her opinions and strategies on raising her two children, how resourcefulness, passion and small wins have made her successful, her opinions on whether you need to speak English with a native. Vanessa is an avid reader, so you will learn the books that she recommends most to English learners. And so much more… so listen now!

Words You’ll Learn in the App

  • Resourcefulness
  • Odd jobs
  • Learning curve
  • The embodiment of something
  • Middle ground
  • Grasping at straws
  • Start from the ground up
  • Bullish
  • Rocky (situation)
  • Take for granted

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  • Andrew says:

    Aww yeah, global citizen, today you brought a very special guest (at least for me), cuz every Friday… guess what?)
    That’s right, I’m watching another Vanessa’s video)) Her channel and yours are my favorite channels in terms of learning English. In my opinion though, your channel is more for advanced learners, but when you have only pre-intermediate or best case scenario — intermediate level of English, then Vanessa’s channel is perfect for you. It was such a big, no, huge “aha moment” when I first time watched one of her videos and, all of a sudden, I realized that I actually CAN understand the natives, even though I hadn’t reached a decent level of language yet. She speaks sooo clearly and understandably that you have the opportunity to catch every single word of her spech and that’s important. I guess, this is one of the key components of her success on YouTube. And I’m not saying that her channel is just for the beginners, not at all, but what I am saying is her videos will be VERY useful for those who haven’t got used to connected speach YET.
    One more thing about Middle Ages) I think about that occasionally, I mean, really, every now and then I bring it up in some conversation with my friend (that’s why he is my friend, right?)) and then we start comparing our modern life to those times and while doing that you eventually realize how lucky you are, how many pros and cons there were in those times and what you now take for granted.

    • Agnieszka from RealLife English says:

      Aww yeah, Andrew! We are happy that we were able to bring one of your favorite teachers to our podcast. And wooohooo! You are at THIS level now – you can understand also our podcast! Thank you so much for listening! Greetings also to your friend!

  • ziyad fawaz alziyad says:

    we want with English Speaking Success, i guess you have a lot in common

  • Hanaa says:

    could you send lesson transcript for me via email