#227: How Do Americans and Brits Say this Aussie Slang?

In today’s podcast, we’re talking all things Slang! Ollie teaches us some funny Australian slang expressions. You’ll also learn the American and British alternatives to these words, so no matter what your favorite version of English is, you’ll learn tons of vocabulary today with us. They also talk about how slang changes based on region and generation. 

Words You’ll Learn:

  • Quirky
  • Wallaby
  • To be an eye-opener
  • Jingle
  • Gang
  • Stump The Chump
  • She’ll be right!

Quick Definitions:

  • “We have some things to explain right off the bat“: at the very beginning; straight away.
  • Wander: walk or move in a leisurely or aimless way.
  • “…every social group has its own linguistic bonding mechanism“: a process in which a special relationship develops between two or more people.
  • Let it rip: allow something to happen forcefully or without interference.
  • Nosy: showing too much curiosity about other people’s affairs.
  • “I’m going to pay for this round“: If you buy a round of drinks, you buy a drink for each member of the group of people that you are with.
  • Spit: to expel saliva from the mouth, or something you have in your mouth.
  • Womanizer/ lady’s man: a man who engages in numerous casual sexual affairs with women.
  • “Sorry I couldn’t make it” = sorry I couldn’t go.
  • Turn up: arrive at a place.
  • Slack off: to do something with less effort or energy than before.

Kickass Quote

David Crystal There’s an old little jingle: ‘The chief use of slang is to show that you’re one of the gang.’


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  • Mounir Houache says:

    Real life team you guys Rocked it this time💯..I loved the new ozzy flavor to the group.. I always start my morning work routine by listening to you guys because honestly I can’t think of a better way to learn and to have fun at the same time and you guys have loads of it..so thank you Soo much for your efforts❣️
    You are the best..love from Algeria..
    Awwwwwwww yeah

    • Agnieszka Tkacz says:

      Awww yeah, Mounir! Thank you!

  • Andrew says:

    Kostya — he, definitely)
    It’s actually just a reduced form of the name Konstantin (Constantine). I don’t live in Russia, but I do speak Russian (like a native), so I know that’s for sure. Besides, I also raised my English to the next level because of you guys, so I want to join to his words)
    It’s was useful to listen to all these funny Australian slang expressions. Who knows, maybe it will help me if I get there)

  • Andrew says:

    “It’s was useful” — what a shame!))
    It was useful, of course. Anyway, keep it up, gang)