#291: Are Native Teachers Better? The Power of Practicing with Non-Natives

As a teacher I often got asked the question: “Is it better to have a native English-speaking teacher? Or can a non-native English speaking partner or teacher be just as effective?” The truth is that non-native English teachers are often just as good as native-English speakers—and sometimes they’re better. Today we’ll talk about why practicing with Non-Natives can actually benefit you on your language learning journey.

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Words You’ll Learn in the App

  • Riveting
  • Right up my alley
  • Hesitant
  • Misconception
  • Ignite
  • Instill
  • Go hand in hand with
  • Pitfall
  • Go the extra mile
  • Put in the hard work

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  • torres says:

    I found this blog so amazing. So much information, and it’s all so well organized. . This is going to be a valuable resource for me. Thank you so much for creating it! Read another amazing blog : https://lead-academy.org/british-sign-language-alphabet/

    • Agnieszka from RealLife English says:

      Thank you for your comment and for sharing!

  • Steve says:

    Great review and tips actually, thank you!

    • Agnieszka from RealLife English says:

      Thank you for listening and for supporting us, Steve!

  • NyiNyiMoonLoon says:

    I always delay to learn english.But Reallife english just make me stand on line to get better english skill than before.I was struggling with which vocabulary should I read and learn.But Real Life design very well to cope with vocabulary with related field and movies.Really awesome…God bless your team

    • Agnieszka from RealLife English says:

      We are happy to help!

  • Alice says:

    I was listening on the podcast app but where can I get the subtitles ?

  • Rohit says:

    Superb Story

    • Agnieszka from RealLife English says:

      We are happy that you liked it, Rohit!