RealLife Radio #74 – Aussie English

In this episode we are going to be focusing on all things Australia. You are going to get some insight about the history of the Australian accent, get some examples from some stereotypical Australian stars, and learn why it’s really important to know what the word “dunny” means if you happen to be traveling to “the land down under” (Australia).

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Words you’ll learn

  • Scurry
  • Host
  • Cringe
  • Utter
  • Fed
  • Handled
  • Upmost
  • Grace
  • Neck and neck
  • Hold your tongue
  • The Land Downunder
  • Rummaging
  • Watered down

Words to know

  • Paws – cat hands
  • Shot me an email – send an email
  • Laugh my ass off – laugh a lot
  • Hefty sum of money – a large sum of money
  • Crocodile Dundee – famous iconic Australian
  • Steve Irwin – famous iconic australian
  • Sew it up – stitch closes with threas


  • Thiago from Itabirito
  • Weberton from Belo Horizonte
  • Onder from Istanbul
  • Mr Lonerbender


  •  Australia’s Next Top Model’ Host Announces WRONG Winner On Live TV – See article

Conversation Topic – learn these common Australian expressions

  • Occa
  • This arvo
  • Barbie
  • She’ll be right
  • No worries
  • G’day mate
  • Cheers
  • Stubbie
  • Blokes
  • Sheila
  • Dunny
  • Daks/Underdaks
  • Heaps of
  • Rellies
  • Thongs
  • Caught with your daks down


  • What’s the difference between GET, GRAB, TAKE, and PICK?

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Song: The Nosebleed Section (Hilltop Hoods)


For my people in the front
In the nosebleed section

[Verse One – Suffa]
This is for the headsets loving the mix,
My people in the front, all covered in spit,
Batters in the box, (oww) Suffa to pitch, (what?)
Hilltop Hoods, all up in this bitch,
And we the funk leaders, punks you can’t beat us,
We bump and pump meters, we drunk you chumps need us,
So jump with us, down in the front if it’s,
(If it’s your flavour) your flavour come get drunk with us, (woo).
This life turned out nothing like
I had planned, why not?
By now I should’ve had some land,
Some money in my hand, round about fifty grand,
But I got nothing, (nothing,) I write rhymes on the bus,
I keep suffering; (suffering), fuck the lines of the dust,
You keep sniffing, that shit is for the punk hoes,
This shit is for my bros, my people in the front row.

[Verse Two – Suffa]
I got hip-hop taste buds,
I wanna hear that bass when I make love,
I wanna hear some lyrics when I wake up,
Write rhymes to get me through a break up, bitch!
Rough like whisky straight, no chaser,
Went through fifty breaks, no flavour,
Till I found this one, and made the,
Bass hook with the drum, my saviour,
This is the comeback, tongue that’s sharp like a thumbtack,
It’s so tight James is saying give my funk back,
One track, eight track, a-dat, residual
Noise, man fuck that, we clean with the digital,
Toys I’m the Apache, you’re failing to match me,
Throw your hands in the air like you’re hailing a taxi,
And move to the funk flow, you stepping? Are you drunk bro?
This is for my peeps and the freaks in the front row.

[Verse Three – Suffa]
People don’t complain if Suffa’s in here,
And you’re in the front row, all covered in beer,
And club owners don’t say ‘the place is wrecked it’s your fault’, (uh uh),
If the roof is on fire it’s an electrical fault, (woo),
Man I bet you all bolt, when I bring it live
Like Friday night footy, in my hoody can hide I,
Gets live on the breaks son, like pace one,
Lads, if you’re heading to the bar grab your mates one,
Ladies come chill, come rock with me honey,
I got like half a mill in monopoly money,
There’s no stopping me honey, so you can take my hand,
We can lay on the beach and count grains of sand,
Or take a plane to Japan, and drink saki with mafia,
Fly to Libya for some Bacardi with Gadafi a
Dinner date, followed by a funk show, (uhh,)
We’ll rip off our tops and jump around in the front row.

You know, I looked around, the faces I’d know,
I fell in love with the people in the front row.
You know, I looked around, the faces I’d know,
I fell in love with the people in the front row.

Put me here, and I’m all yours,
Not for the money and it’s not for the applause, no oh no no no

It’s for the nosebleed section.

You know, I looked around, the faces I’d know,
I fell in love with the people in the front row.
You know, I looked around, the faces I’d know,
I fell in love with the people in the front row.

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