RealLife Radio #119 -16 Ways to Say Beautiful in English

Do you agree with the expressions beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

In this episode of RealLife Radio we will take you though 16 different ways to say ‘beautiful’ and teach you all the little differences between each word. Using the wrong word in a situation can lead to a very embarrassing moment, as you will discover with some of Justin’s stories about false cognates.

We hope you enjoy and would love to get some feedback and suggestions about future podcasts ūüėČ

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Words You Should Know

  • Ironing –¬†to straighten you clothes by passing a warm metal iron over them
  • Bathing suit –¬†clothing you use to swim in
  • Birthday suit –¬†an expression we use to refer to being naked (you are born naked)
  • Infamous –¬†famous for doing something bad
  • Homie – a gangster way to call someone from your neighbourhood (home boy)
  • Streed cred – a reputation of respect from other gangsters (cred = credit)
  • To cap someone – a gangster way to say to shoot someone
  • Compliment – to say something nice about someone else
  • Mother tongue –¬†your native language
  • To get the wrong idea –¬†to interpret something incorrectly
  • Inherent –¬†something that is natural, subconscious knowledge
  • Ambiguity¬†– something with an unclear¬†meaning
  • Back in the time –¬†a time or era in the past
  • Get the ball rolling – to get things started, gain momentum
  • Graceful – to move with beauty like a dancer
  • The light bulb went on –¬†when you have a sudden realisation or idea
  • Cozy – a small and very comfortable place
  • Cheeks – the side of your mouth that get red when you are embarrassed
  • Opposites attract –¬†people with opposite personalities commonly really like each other (expression)
  • Creepy – very annoying and unpleasant, makes you feel uncomfortable (generally a man with a woman)
  • To feel warm and fuzzy – a feeling of happiness and joy inside you
  • messed up –¬†to not be working well, or not be normal

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  • Arwa says:

    First of all I really really love you and I love your podcasts very much and you help me a lot on my English learning … Thank you and

    • Chad Fishwick says:

      Hey Arwa!! Thanks for the positivity!! Many new things coming from us really soon ūüėČ

  • Rawda says:

    For a moment, I felt like I was listening to John Gray’s talk and not RealLife English’s episode! hahaha. You know John Gray?! The man who writes and talks about relationships xp

    Talking about the world ” Lovely “, if someone asked me what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the world lovely? I would say ” Brits ” – I’ve never seen people who use this word as much as Brits. A British man was sitting besides my table in a hotel, and he ordered alcoholic drink. When the waiter was pouring that drink into a glass, the British man kept repeating ” Lovely, just lovely ” .. When the waiter brought him Cypriot Meze ( food ) , He said ” Lovely, lovely “, etc . What a lovely day it was! hehe

    Thanks for the podcast ūüôā