#132: Boost your Confidence with Emma from MMM English

G’day mates! (How Australians say hi)

We are really happy to be introducing you all to a new friend of ours, another amazing online English teacher from down under (Australia), Emma from MmmEnglish.

Emma has been helping people all over the world improve their English speaking skills, confidence, and preparing them for using English in the real world for both professional and personal situations. In this episode she explains her most impactful learning techniques, and she has even created a special weekly planner which you can download right now and really take your English up a level (see meaning below).

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Words to Know

  • Snow shoveling – to remove snow from doorways and streets with a big shovel
  • Get something rolling – to start something, to gain momentum
  • Aussie English – Australian English
  • Rope someone in – persuade or convince someone to help you
  • Bogan – the Australian slang term for someone who is unsophisticated and often lacks taste
  • Lasso – circular rope cowboys use to capture cows and bulls
  • Harsh – to be very extreme, severe
  • White trash – a derogatory term used for white North Americans who come from a lower social class
  • Wear that hat – to accept a role or position – the hat resembles your position
  • Business at the front, party at the back – a funny way to describe a mullet haircut
  • Pick your brain – to ask someone a lot of questions
  • Niche – a very specific or focused subject or area
  • Fill gaps – to fill empty spaces of knowledge
  • Reigniting – to suddenly start again, to regain motivation
  • Overwhelming – to have a very powerful effect, so much that it’s hard to tolerate
  • Safe ground – an environment where no one judges or makes fun of you
  • Cruising – being relaxed and not really pushing yourself
  • Fight or flight – a biological reaction in animals that makes them either escape, or fight off their predator
  • Taxing – tiring, exhausting
  • Take a toll – to cause you to get tired
  • Warm ups – light movements used to prepare your body for more strenuous work
  • Flattering – to compliment or portray in a beautiful way
  • Fall into a trap – to get stuck in a unwanted situation
  • Take it up a level – increase the difficulty or level of performance
  • Hurdle – an obstacle, something that is preventing you of succeeding
  • Threshold – a constricting limit that prevents you from growing
  • Encourage – to support and motivate
  • Tenfold – a mathematical term meaning 10 times the original amount
  • Accountable – to be expected to do what you say you will do
  • Keep up with someone – to maintain the same level or pace as someone
  • Take the pressure off – to make a situation less stressful
  • On the tip of your tongue – when words and speech ready to use when needed
  • Talk yourself into something – convince yourself to do something
  • Talk yourself out of something – convince yourself to not do something
  • It’s a long hard road – road is a metaphor for a process that will take a long time
  • Keep track of something – to constantly know exactly how something doing or performing
  • Uphill battle – a very difficult challenge
  • Bloods and Crips – two rival gangs from the USA
  • Crumpets – a small round piece of bread common in England and Australia
  • Heaps of something – Australian way to say ‘a lot of’
  • That’s heaps good – Australian way to say ‘really good’
  • Up the ante – to increase expectations, or increase the intensity of something

Links, Mentions, and More Resources

  • Emma’s Free Weekly Planner to help you get more confident with your English
  • Quote Emma mentioned: If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. –Vincent Van Gogh

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