#185: 1 Language, 2 Accents (British vs. American Words)

In this free audio lesson you will be learning lots of British and American English words and expressions. You will have a lot of fun hearing how different Ethan and Andrea’s accents are and by the time you finish listening to it you will know which words you should use in each country avoid misunderstandings!


  • Words that are different in British & American English.

Words You’ll Learn:

  • To paint everyone with the same brush: To unfairly categorize someone or something as being the same as another person or thing, usually in a negative manner. 
  • Vice versa: the other way around.
  • Diminutive: very small.
  • Pacify: to cause someone who is angry or upset to be calm and satisfied.
  • [dental] Cavity: a hole that forms in your tooth.
  • Caramel: a sticky brown sweet made from sugar.
  • Hoodie: a hooded sweatshirt, jacket, or other top.
  • Knit: to use two long needles to connect wool and make clothes. make clothes by using two long needles to connect wool or another type of thread into joined rows.
  • Sweatpants – trackies: loose, warm trousers with an elasticated or drawstring waist, worn when exercising or as leisurewear.
  • Balaclava: a close-fitting garment covering the whole head and neck except for parts of the face, typically made of wool.
  • Baklava: a dessert originating in the Middle East made of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and soaked in honey.
  • Wellington boots, wellies: boots for the rain.
  • Pilgrim: a person who journeys to a sacred place for religious reasons.
  • Chips – French fries: a thin strip of deep-fried potato.
  • Crisps – chips: a long rectangular piece of deep-fried potato.
  • Fringe – bangs: the front part of a person’s hair cut so as to hang over the forehead.
  • Petrol – gas: fuel.
  • Bonnet – hood (of the car): the hinged cover over the engine of motor vehicles that allows access to the engine compartment.
  • Boot – trunk: the vehicle’s main storage or cargo compartment.
  • Sweets – candy: a sweet food made from sugar or chocolate.
  • To have a sweet tooth: to have a great liking for sweet-tasting foods.
  • Candyfloss – cotton candy: a largesoftball of white or pinksugar in the form of thinthreads.
  • Ice-lolly – popsicle: a piece of flavoured ice or ice cream on a stick.
  • Trousers – pants: an outer garment covering the body from the waist to the ankles, with a separate part for each leg.
  • Tights – pantyhose: a woman’s close-fitting garment made of nylon or other knitted yarn, covering the legs, hips, and bottom.
  • Jumper – sweater: a knitted garment worn on the upper body, typically with long sleeves, put on over the head.
  • Trainers – sneakers: a soft shoe worn for sports or casual occasions.
  • Rubber (Careful with this one in the USA)- eraser: a piece of soft plastic used to rub out something written.
  • Nappy – diaper: a piece of towelling or other absorbent material wrapped round a baby’s bottom.
  • Dummy – pacifier: a rubber or plastic teat for a baby to suck on.


  • Einstein’s quote: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
  • The Pacifier (2005)

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