#154: Developing this ONE Skill Will Help You Speak Better English

Hey you there–yes you! Are you ready to communicate in English like an expert?

It’s not just enough to wish for it. And no, it’s not enough to go to class two or three times per week or study grammar. The secret lies in just one skill–in a willingness to open your heart, to be vulnerable, to face your shame, and to be COURAGEOUS! If you master the skill that we will talk about in this episode of the RealLife English Podcast, you will be perceived as fluent. But do you have the guts [bravery] to do it? Let’s see–download or listen now!

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Cartwheel – a gymnastic exercise where you roll your body with your arms and legs stretched wide
  • Peak – the top of a mountain
  • Hot damn! – exclamation of surprise
  • A push up – exercise where you put your body parallel to the floor and push yourself up and down
  • Orbit – to revolve around something (especially a planet or star)
  • Without further ado – without anymore wait
  • Comfort Zone – the places or situations where you feel most at ease and least challenged
  • Shrink – to become smaller
  • Expand – to become bigger
  • Scratch the Surface – to just begin to discuss a topic or idea
  • Resilience – one’s ability to recover after getting hurt or failing
  • Drive – one’s desire and energy to do something
  • Wound – an injury to tissue caused by a cut or impact
  • Lick your wounds – to self-soothe, recover from injury or failure
  • Warrior – someone who fights in battles or wars
  • Sore – with pain in the muscles from intensive activity
  • Revered – with deep respect or admiration
  • Shot (basketball) – a score
  • Self-conscious – aware of one’s own vulnerability
  • Pet Peeve – something trivial that annoys you
  • Interrupt – to cut someone off when they have not finished what they are explaining
  • Right off the bat – from the start
  • Apt – suited for something
  • Entitlement – the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment
  • Born with a silver spoon in your mouth – said of someone born to rich parents, who does not have to work to earn money
  • Barring – except for


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    I loved this podcast, I am a Brazilian and so far I have heard all podcast. Thank you all. I love this song… I ‘II listen again and again until I learn the letter of her.

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    Please tell you accent is British? or American? in subtitles and Heading

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