RealLife Podcast #112 – All-Star Tips From a Model English Learner

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In this episode you are going to get some first hand English learning tips with our good friend, and podcast listener, Geanderson Esteves.

Get some great advice from this model English learner who has really connected his life to his learning.

We also explore the difference between learning English with native vs non-native English speakers, as well as lots of other awesome stuff.

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Show Notes

Words You Should Know:

  • a speedo – small swimwear worn by men (based on name of brand)
  • caipirinha – traditional Brazilian drink made with cachaca and lemon
  • catuaba –  Brazilian sweet drink similar to wine but of poor quality
  • pluck – the verb used to pull out hairs, or feathers of a chicken from the root
  • tweezers – equipment used to pluck eyebrow hairs
  • under graduate degree – also called first degree, bachelor’s degree or simply degree
  • cutting edge – the newest and best stuff
  • gamification – adding elements of a game to something
  • MMO – massive multiplayer online game
  • a hack – a shortcut, a simpler way to achieve something
  • scholarship – when a university pays for you to study there because you have special skills
  • internship – working for a company to get practical experience when studying
  • gravitate toward – to get pulled to one thing unintentionally
  • output – the amount of information that’s going out (speaking)
  • input – the information coming in (absorbing new information)
  • roommate – a person you share a house with
  • implement – to start applying to what you are doing
  • tie that down to – to attach it to something, make a fundamental connection
  • soulmate – someone you are destined to be with


  • Geanderson Esteves – Belo Horizonte Brazil: “RealLife English is one of the best podcasts around for english learners. The topics discussed are mostly interesting and very valuable for us. I had an opportunity to meet Justin in Belo Horizonte, and this guy rules. Aww yeah, keep up the good work guys!”

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Kick Ass Quote:

  • “There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.”  – Jiddu Krishnamurti

Conversation Topic:

  • Geandersons takes us all through his process and experience with learning English, and how he has made it part of his everyday life. From playing video games, to studying abroad, get some great insight from this successful learners personal experience.

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  • Canal do SDR says:

    I listen to the podcast all the way ( it was quite good) and i can tell, I’m still get the hang of speaking English naturally, I mean, I know and I get by my English, actually – we have in Brazil a pretty very common sentence like “eu nao passo fome com meu ingles” a roughly translation would be ” I don’t suffer from hunger with my English” which mean I can solve my problems if I find myself in a situation that I need to speak English to someone and solve it . However Ive got a huge problem in joint some insights at the same speed or next to it than I do in my native language (Portuguese). I’ve been working in a company in which I speak English on phoning, but the amount of English calls is lesser than I receive in Portuguese and so I end to talk to myself in order not to lose what I already learned. I don’t like to speak in Skype or in social network because this is the way that I am, but I don’t miss the chance to speak in person. So I just stopped by and I would say that I found pretty cool this podcast and I took a note of what I was missing during your dialog conversation. Hopefully you guys keep it on because this work worth being went on and shared. Good day to you all.

    • Real Life English says:

      Hey there, really great to hear from you. It sounds like you’ve got a great process and that you’re on the right path. Keep up the good work and stay in touch!

  • Eduardo Oliveira says:

    There is a mistake when we do download in this eppisode. The file don´t correspond to the proposed (All-Star Tips From a Model English Learner). I noticed this when I listening the podcast using m ycelphone and compare to the same eppisode on the internet. They are differents. But I think that the podcast for celphone is correct. The file was downloaded from the internet is about business.

    • Real Life English says:

      Thanks for letting us know. I’ll look into it and get it fixed!

  • Sarahi Vega Guerrero says:

    Great podcast!!! It’s nice to hear the opinion from a latin boy!! Greetings