#183: How to Master Your Fear

 In this podcast you will learn English with a beautiful poem by Gavin Aung Than how to overcome your fears. You will not only get a lot of inspiration to achieve your goals and master your fears but you will also learn many expressions and useful vocabulary.


  • The Monster Named Fear, by Gavin Aung Than.

Words You’ll Learn:

  • Have cojones / Man up / Grow a pair / Stop being a wimp / Don’t be a chicken: Stop being scared and just do something; give it a go
  • Sexist: someone who discriminates on the basis of gender.
  • To be blown away: to be surprised by something.
  • In a nutshell: in the fewest possible words.
  • Playground: an outdoor area provided for children to play in, especially at a school or public park.
  • Show(ing) off: to behave in a way that is intended to attract people’s attention and make them admire you.
  • Prodigy: a young person with exceptional qualities or abilities.
  • Killer: slang for great/cool. 
  • Cramp: painful contraction of a muscle, generally caused by fatigue or strain.
  • Laugh until you cramp: laugh until you get a pain in your stomach.
  • Troll: a type of fairytale creature, but also someone who bullies other people.
  • Obscene: offensive, immoral
  • You’re so gonna fail (use of “so” here): used for emphasis in colloquial English, like totally.
  • Bail: to give up, to stop trying
  • Doubters: haters
  • Foul stench: a horrible smell.
  • Scaly: something with scales, like a fish or lizard.
  • Slimy: something with an unpleasant, wet, sticky texture.
  • Disgustingly gross: gross and disgusting mean the same thing.
  • Mucus: when you are congested you have this slimy substance in your nose. 
  • Goo: a sticky, slimy liquid.
  • Kindergartener: a child attending kindergarten.
  • Bunged up (Br.E.) / Stuffed up (Am. E): to be congested.
  • Spotlight: light used in theaters to put the focus on a person.
  • To be in the spotlight: to be the center of attention.
  • Get gobbled up: to gobble is to eat in an exaggerated way. Often used in kid’s stories.
  • Devour: to eat something completely.
  • Beast: an animal or living thing, real or fantasy.
  • Land a blow: to punch or hit something accurately.
  • Grit: passion + perseverance.
  • Craft: something that you do with skill and passion.
  • Chore: something that you have to do, for example around the house.
  • Butterflies in your tummy: a feeling of nervousness.
  • Roll up your sleeves: to prepare to fight or work.
  • To give something a go: to try something.
  • Battle: single fight/combat in a war.
  • You can win the battle, but lose the war: used when you have succeeded in winning an argument, but with more consequences in the long term.
  • Slowly but surely: when you take the right steps to achieve a target.
  • Face fear head on: to not avoid confrontation.
  • To take something back: to retract a statement.
  • Lurk: to be hiding, waiting to attack.
  • Stalker: Someone who follows you without you knowing it.
  • There’s no need to fret: don’t worry or complain.
  • Follow through: to do what you committed to
  • Fright: a sudden intense feeling of fear.
  • The end is in sight: you can see that the end is about to happen.
  • To put something off: to postpone or delay something.
  • To put someone down: to push someone down, it is the opposite of being supportive.


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  • O. Valentina says:

    Such an inspirational and useful podcast. Have plenty of friends to share with

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    I Loved hearing this language, that a want to know more and more. Thank you so much!

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  • Jennifer says:

    It’s better if you have transcript of the poem

  • Cesar says:

    Hi! Learning English with you is much fun and I feel the improvement in understanding your language, not very easy at the beginning…

    • Justin says:

      Wow thanks for the nice words Cesar! Keep on rocking your learning process!

  • Saba says:

    Thank you all. This podcast was really inspiring for someone like me an English learner.

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  • Agus says:

    Hi guys n thanks for the podcast!!! I think it’d be a great idea (imho) if u made a podcast about some “rare” topics (e.i. geography or even american history). Maybe that way people would gain insight into american culture. P.D: Sorry if there’s any mistake and thanks again 4 lend a ear to us.

    • Justin says:

      Hey Agus, great idea. I think next podcast (184) will hit the nail on the head for you! Stay tuned!

  • Jack Milgram says:

    Great. And I loved that you referenced Brene Brown. Love her.

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    Amazing podcast! Really inspiring and worth learning.

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