What the Best English Learners Do Differently

Are you learning English incorrectly? Did you know that 90% of English learners never achieve English fluency?

In this episode of RealLife Radio we are going to teach you some of the common habits that the 10% of successful learners possess.

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Words You Will Learn:

Outstanding – to be noticeably better than others
Chilling – to be relaxing and peaceful
Crowd – a group of people
Nod – to move your head up and down to show agreement
Jam packed – very full
A run down on something – a quick summary of something
The low down – all the essential information for something
Keep something on the down low (DL) – to keep something
That was killer – that was really cool
You killed it – you did a great job
You nailed it – you did a great job
Self-directed learner – a person who learns by themselves and creates their own learning journey
Coerce – to pressure or intimidate someone to do something
Get your hands dirty – to do more practical and manual work as appose to theoretical things
Get down and dirty –
Get your mind out of the gutter – expression to tell someone to stop having perverted or dirty thoughts
Gunk – wet disgusting matter,
Clog – to block something, often water pipes and drains
Clogs (Dutch shoes) pointed wooden shoes
Accountability buddy – someone who will remind you and help force you to do all of the things you said you would do
Lubricant – a liquid gel that help prevent friction
You dug your own hole – to put yourself in a difficult situation
Daunting – to be intimidating and scary, generally a sensation that happens before your start something new
Screw with someone – to play around and trick someone
Cave in – to surrender to someone’s needs and give them what they want
To push past something – to pass through a difficult situation
Empathetic – someone who show empathy for another person or situation
Get your feet wet – to try something before investing in it 100%
Curiosity killed the cat – expression to warn kids to be less curious
Short circuit – a failure in electrical flow, also can be used when there is a failure in your minds power, or some kind of system
Train of thought – the sequence of ideas you are thinking about
A brain fart – when you suddenly have difficulty thinking about things
Play a tune – play a song
Play out of tune – to not be playing in the correct musical tone
to fondle – to hold in your hands and play around with them
to take a sneak peek at something – to have a quick look at something
Disrupt – to take peoples attention away from what they were focusing on
Wind down – to start to finish

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  • aldhiez says:

    Hey guys, Rizaldi speaking here. keep your mind out of the gutter, Chad!! LOL. i think this is the most R-Rated podcasts so far guys. haha.. talking about how many times that actually chad mentioned something “ambiguous”.

    but strongly agree that it takes a big motivation to make english learning process not just another ‘lesson’ but rather a ‘needs’. People who already achieve this level will always seek for learning source and try to understands english more and more everyday without even realizing they are actually learning something.

    • Aww Yeah, Rizaldi, Sorry we didn’t do the best in keeping up with comments. Great to hear from you. I’m glad you liked it. Motivation is KEY and you’re definitely a MODEL learner my friend!