Beyond Borders with Ethan #7: She speaks 15 languages! How did she do it | Shannon Kennedy

Shannon Kennedy, from, is an American entrepreneur, content creator, language learner and musician based in California. She’s a language expert and writer on various language learning platforms, such as Fluent in 3 Months and Drops, where she shares tips and challenges to help learners apply the concepts of minimalism to maximize their efficiency. Shannon is also a professional jazz musician and started studying European languages, such as Spanish, Italian and German while taking her Master’s Degree in Musicology.

I just am absolutely blown away by Shannon’s ability to study 5+ languages simultaneously on top of working, running her own project, and spending time with family. That said, this interview will give you tons of ideas for how you can improve your skills in English or start learning another language, even if you are very busy and have hardly any time. Shannon told me about some of her favorite tools and systems that she uses to organize her learning in all of her different languages. There’s a lot here that I want to try applying to my own learning, and I’m sure you will, too. She discusses why motivation is not important, and what actually is really essential. Shannon, like myself, is an introvert, and we discussed tips that can help you speak languages even if you are shy or introverted. She shared how you can get the most out of your course book and other resources. We also talked about what fluency is. I found her answer pretty surprising and fascinating. So there is a ton of useful information in this interview—you may want to grab a pen and paper! Now ladies and gents, let’s get into episode 7 of Beyond Borders.

Words You’ll Learn in the App

  • Shipwreck
  • Go snorkeling
  • Fleeting
  • Streaks
  • Notion junkie
  • Pimsleur
  • Hone down
  • Stacking up
  • Go down the drain
  • Polymath
  • And many more in the app.

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