#151: The 3 Pillars for English Learning Success

Where there is a will, there is a way!

Nowhere is this truer than when learning a foreign languages. This expression explains that if one’s desire and determination are enough, she can find a way to do anything.

So, if you bring your want of English fluency, and you are willing to work hard for it, then we will show you the way!

In this podcast, you will learn the 3 pillars of determination:

  1. Desire,
  2. Vision, and
  3. Discipline

If you start your journey by concretizing these three qualities into your mindset, you will be unstoppable. Let’s do exactly that in this episode of the RealLife English podcast, aww yeah!

Remember to see the homework below…

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Gritty – full of passion and determination to achieve your goals
  • Shootin’ Hoops – playing basketball
  • the Hood – short for “the neighborhood.” Generally denotes a poorer neighborhood
  • Treadmill – a machine one can use to run indoors
  • Catch up on sleep – to recuperate lost sleep
  • Lose sleep – to not be able to get a full night sleep (or several nights’ sleep)
  • A frog in the throat – to have a funny voice because one is sick
  • Phlegm – mucus
  • Relentless – not giving up
  • Rungs on the ladder – the bars that connect two sides of a ladder and allow one to climb up
  • Day in and day out – every day, without fail
  • Affirmation – a positive statement
  • Lean into (something) – to do something even against what you feel like doing
  • Go hand in hand – to go together well



Why you are learning English

  • Take some time to think about this (at least 15 minutes)
  • Come up with your biggest goal. You should be excited when you think about it and it should not be superficial (e.g. get a better job)!
  • If it is superficial, as yourself “Why” until you get to the answer, “Just because.”
  • Write it as an Affirmation in present tense on a piece of paper or sticky note (e.g. I am comfortable and confident speaking English with anyone, anywhere)
  • Put it somewhere where you will see it a few times each day

30 Day Challenge

  • Watch this
  • This about your deepest desire and why for learning. What’s the highest impact habit you can integrate to reach that goal?
  • Important: What can you put at stake for if you don’t complete your objective
  • Who will hold you accountable? 

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  • Remo says:

    It is so helpful
    Thanks for both of you ,ethan &Justin
    Aww yeah!

  • Graciela says:

    What an excellent postcast you shared!! Thank you for the suggestions. Learning a foreign language is no easy task, and it requires a lot of willpower and determination. BUT as the saying says: Where there´s a will, there´s a way!! BTW, English is my true calling!!!

  • Andre says:

    Hi guys,
    Congrats for your very nice job with the podcasts. I would like to give you a suggestion. What do you think to spell the words described in the “Words you’ll learn” topic? It could help a lot to understand new words during the conversation.
    Thank you

  • Jesus says:

    In my opinion this podcast’s topic is the best message I have ever heard regarding english learning process and perhaps refering to real life achivment. you are the best guys. Keep going!!

    • Justin says:

      Thanks Jesus, that means a lot to us! I hope you’re able to bring it to your life.

  • Andrew says:

    This is actually so true, I, like many people wasn’t motivated enough when I studied English in school and then in college, so I graduated from the university with minimal knowledge of the language. After a while I decided to finally improve my English and guess what? I ended it up doing nothing, really, and that wasn’t good because when I first time went abroad and I was trying to communicate with people somehow that was terrible, really. But on the other hand, only that thing urged me to improve my skills, I realized that without knowing at least that language I simply can’t travel around the world and feel comfortable, because, you know, travelling it’s not only about visiting different places, it’s about meeting interesting people, getting acquantance with culture where you are in and so on. That’s why the whole last year I have been learning English in a proper way, at least I hope that it was correct lol. Since then, every single day I consume tons of information in English, I listen to music, podcasts, watch TV series, love Ted’s speeches and, of course, your YouTube channel. Besides, I read articles and books that interest me, and right now I’m practicing writing here, simultaneously, trying to thank you for your work)