#220: 15 Questions for Great Conversations (+ Meet Your New Fluency Coach!)

We’re thrilled (excited) to introduce you to Ollie, our newest Fluency Coach at RealLife English! Can you guess where he’s from? (Hint: He doesn’t have a US or a British accent) This episode is your chance to get to know Ollie as we put him in the hot seat and ask him about his language learning, travel adventures, inspirations, and much more! As you’ll see, we ask him some interesting questions that you’ll find useful next time you meet someone new!

Words You’ll Learn:

  • Soak (a soak in the bath, soaking wet)
  • True blue
  • She’ll be right
  • Break the ice (ice-breaker games)
  • Warm up (to someone)
  • Banging
  • Skyrocket
  • Thanks a million
  • Trifecta
  • Be on the hot seat
  • The bush
  • Sell yourself short
  • Get by
  • Out of this world
  • To nail something
  • It’s not the be and end all
  • Biased

Quick Definitions:

  • Sublime: of very great excellence or beauty.
  • Thrilling: interesting and exciting
  • Fine-tuned ear: if you have a fine-tune ear you can do things like hearing specific sounds in music or recognizing where a person is based on their accent.
  • Aussie: someone from Australia.
  • Down under: nickname for Australia.
  • “I’m from an hour inland from the coast”: if you say a place or city is 1 hour inland, you mean it’s 1 hour from the coast of a country.
  • “We sometimes get sidetracked talking about food”: distracted.
  • Dead bored: extremely bored.
  • To be better off: happier, improved, more successful
  • Try out: to test something such as a method or a piece of equipment to see if it is effective or works properly
  • Give it a go: try your chances at something.

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  • Andrew says:

    Hi Ollie, I wanna welcome you and say that your speaking is very clear and understandable as well as Andrea’s pronunciation, of course, and yeah, that’s great to hear all three main English accents in one podcast.
    Of course, it’s not the firts time actually when it happens because Justin is also from Australia, if I remember all right, but nonetheless, I like this format (I think it’s very useful for any learner). In addition, I guess that you entirely fit to be in the ReaLlife team in terms of your view on the world in general, I mean, all that stuff about global citizenship and a world beyond borders, I personally think it’s great, no doubts.
    Also, I wanna say that I would like to visit all these countries that you guys represent (the USA, the UK and Australia) and I definitely wanna visit Brasil as well, I don’t know when exactly it’ll happen, but I hope I’ll visit all of them and many other countries)

  • Andrew says:

    Oh man, I’ve just remembered that Justin is actually also from the US as well as Ethan, but now he lives in another place too (Brazil again, right?)). I was confused probably because Justin’s pronunciation is slightly different, so to speak, so I firstly thought he is an Australian, but then I remembered. Man, sorry about that)

    • Max Ahumada says:

      You probably mean Chad, who used to host this podcast some time ago 🙂

  • Ahmed Ibrahim says:

    It wouldn’t be enough If I said thank you. I can’t emphasize how much I love you all. I want to say that I’m rooting for Ollie and I’m sure I’ll like him more.

    • Agnieszka Tkacz says:

      Thank you very much for supporting us, Ahmed!

  • şule says:

    Do you have postcasts in written form on your site?

  • Paola Figuereo says:

    Welcome Ollie! We can now hear three different accents. As you had said it is a way to improve our listening skills. Awww yeah!