#168: How to Revolutionize Your English with Podcasts

Get ready to start revolutionizing the way you study English! With this episode we are going to give you the RealLife Native Immersion Course so you can start taking your English fluency to the next level.

Get amazing insight into English pronunciation while learning tons of new expressions, slang, and phrasal verbs in these innovative lessons.

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Chilly – adjective for cold weather
  • Chile – Country in South America
  • Get rid of –to discard something
  • Hella dope – a slang way to say really cool
  • Calluses – when your skin gets hard and sore spots on them
  • To kill two birds with one stone – to do something which solves two problems
  • To have a good grip on something – to have firm control and understanding of something
  • Whack – to hit
  • Loopy – crazy
  • Take something to heart – to think seriously and internalize something

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Song: Eddie Vedder – Hard Sun

  • aseel says:

    thankyou guys for this amazing idea . i really appreciate that ?

  • Zakia says:

    This is really a great idea. Thanks folks

    • Justin says:

      Aww yeah Zakia, thanks so much for your support!

  • Andrew says:

    HI guys! It’s me again)
    I’ve seen the movie “Into the Wild”, this particular movie touched me because I was watching it at the same age as its main character, so I felt almost the same (not exactly, but still). I understood him entirely because I was ready to the same crazy stuff, I was lost in some sense and I didn’t know what to do in my life. All I wanted was to explore the world, not to live an ordinary live with hated job and so on. Although I didn’t have the same problems in family like him, but I had mine, so I understood him very well. That was maybe the first time when I realized that people are generally the same, we all have common desires and problems, even though we live in different countries or even cultures. Since then, I increasingly notice that difference is too small to focus on it, instead I prefer to find common features between people.

  • Andrew says:

    And yeah, direct download link actually leads to podcast 167, not to 168.

  • Waseem says:

    i have some Question can i get your watsap number