#158: 6 Powerful Ways to Master English Vocabulary

Something English learners always complain about is not having the words that they need to express themselves like they would in their mother tongue.

That is why in this episode we are taking a deep dive into some advanced techniques for learning, remembering, and using more vocabulary. Having a rich active vocabulary is a key aspect of fluent communication, so I guarantee that the recommendations in this episode will be invaluable to you. Let’s dive in!

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Dope – really cool (slang)
  • Have a schwitz – to go to the sauna
  • Cage – a structure of bars used to confine or protect something (like birds or other animals)
  • Cage diving – to go under water in a steel cage and watch sharks
  • Sauna – a hot room filled with steam, used to help one cleanse by sweating
  • Yiddish – a language used by Jews in central and eastern Europe before the holocaust
  • Speaking of (something) – idiom used to mention something related to the current topic being discussed
  • Vibes – feeling
  • Profound – requiring deep emotion or thought
  • Candidate – a potential choice for something
  • Overkill – excessive use, treatment, or action
  • Sprinkle – to scatter small drops or particles of something on a surface; to disperse something randomly throughout something; to rain lightly
  • Eloquence – a persuasive, charismatic way of speaking
  • Ricochet – to bounce off of something
  • Come back to bite you – to have an action that you made have an unexpected, negative consequence
  • Clueless – having no knowledge, understanding, or ability
  • Silly – foolish, able to laugh at oneself
  • Put yourself in someone’s shoes – to try to empathetically understand someone else’s ideas or circumstances


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