RealLife Radio #116 – 5 Reasons Why 90% Of English Learners Fail

Are you learning English for the wrong reasons?

One of the main reasons why so many people fail to become a fluent English speakers is actually because of the wrong motivations for learning.

Are you one of these people? Find out in this episode of RealLife Radio. Aww Yeah!

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Sticky – viscous, designed or having a nature to adhere to other things
  • Legendary – to hold the characteristics of a legend
  • AKA – also know as (acronym)
  • Comrade – an old term for friend
  • Lanky – tall and skinny and often uncoordinated
  • Palm – the inside part of your hand
  • Root of the problem – the fundamental cause of the problem
  • Fruitful – the benefits of your work
  • Haters’ gonna hate – expression used to say that some people will always be negative
  • Got on a limb – to take a risk and try something new
  • They hate us coz they ain’t us:
  • Ain’t – verb to be + not = aint
  • Draw a blank –  to forget someone’s name or piece of information
  • Take into your own hands – take control of a situation
  • A two way street – 
  • Tailor made – customised, made specifically to your needs
  • Split into two camps – divided into two separate groups
  • Peers – people with the same age or social position as you
  • Figure it out – to solve a problem
  • Digging deep –  being very
  • Hammer something out of us –
  • Red Marks – a sign that you failed when a teacher writes red marks on your tests
  • Learning for the sake of learning – doing it with no real motivation or purpose
  • Overcome – to succeed or or get over a difficult situation
  • Screw them – don’t worry or pay attention to them
  • Hate mail – bad messages from people that are usually spreading hate and negativity
  • The living breathing reality – to reality of the situation, not what textbooks or politicians may tell us
  • Potty mouth – a person who uses a lot of bad language
  • Work up the courage – to build gradually  (See video lesson)
  • Innately – something that has been there since birth
  • Physiological needs – basic survival
  • Self actualisation – a persons desire to achieve everything they possibly can
  • Fulfilling – making yourself feel happy and satisfied
  • Preach – to give a religious speech with a sense of selling something
  • Go Buffs!: The Buffalos are a football team from the Colorado University
  • Peace out – to leave, to go away

Videos Mentioned In Podcast:

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  • Cristina Serafim says:

    Super duper cool!! Awww yeah!!!

  • Moisés Rocha says:

    Playful guys and many English’s stuff!! Awesome podcast!

  • Yogesh maccks says:

    aww yeah guys !!! awesome podcast 5 reasons are so true that is what really hapening around world. in schools they teach english as a subject instead of language .in india even lot of english medium schools they dont teach us proper english always grammar grammar grammar thats really pissed off . even i wasted lots of time studying grammar and memerizing vocabulary then i realised its waste of time then one day i have found aj hoge and his podcast about learning english that was awesome he says listening is key to learn a language .then i start searching esl podcast i found reallifeglobal website i listened the podcast i did not understand anything it was hard to understand what you were speaking but i keep listening .i took a podcast listened many times then i felt that you guys are awesome .i learned my english from you guys i mproved my listening skill and speaking ability my pronunciation became better and better love you guys .you are the best english teachers i have ever found .aww yeah chad, justin, ethan (mr v) big fan of RLG from india .keep doing the podcast we love that awesome

    • Ethan says:

      Aww Yeah Yogesh! As always, thank you for the positive vibes. It’s great having a passionate fan like you 😀

    • Chad Fishwick says:

      Awwww yeah Yogesh!!! Keep kicking ass buddy 🙂 Hopefully we can come to India one day and you can show us around the place.

  • aldhiez says:

    Aww Yeah! Rizaldi Rachman here! You guys are really know how to make interesting Podcasts to listen to 🙂 I enjoyed it very much. you guys really inspires me to actually start my own podcasts. I am already dreamed about this for about two years now. Hope it’ll be releasing soon!!

    about the topics though, actually we are less judgy to a person who is not a native language, then making mistakes in communication. What we often judge (sometimes we judge them hard) our friends, families, relatives who is having the same language with us but try to learn another language. we live in a generation who is actively hating on everything. so let’s learn anything we want to learn, speak english with everyone because simply haters gonna hate and they are not us! 😀 sad the main reason people fail in english just because they are ashamed. they are feel ashamed from learning a new language and too shy to practice. more sad truth, sometimes the embarrassment comes from our own ‘circle’.

    by the way, i can understand three of you easily though. so what does make me? LOL!! 😀

    • Ethan says:

      Aww yeah Rizaldi! You’re just a kickass learner, hehe. I totally agree with you, they hate us because they ain’t us 😉

  • Jesus says:

    Aww Yeahhh guys, you are the best. I agree with you guys in all your comments about 5 reason why most learners fail in their english learning process. I have been studying english since elemantary school. I never reached the B1. Over the past 2 years, I have been learning on my own, taking advantage of internet resources (podcast, Youtube Videos, Interviews, Movies, TV Shows, Streaming Netflix, etc) In my opinion I have learnt most in only two years than past 20 years studying trought School Classic Methodology.

    I will keep going listening to you and picking up those new prhases, slams and idiomatic expresions.


    • Justin says:

      Once again, Jesus, that means a lot. That’s awesome that you’re starting to really accelerate your learning. You woke up to your own English learning adventure. Keep up the great work!