#169: How to Learn Like a Child

Have you ever had someone tell you that you should learn another language like a child? Does this actually work? And if so, how do you do this?

In this episode, we will share with you some surprising truths about how children learn languages and techniques that you need to be applying to your own English learning right now… let’s jump in!

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Childish – infantile, immature
  • Somersault – rolling your entire body forward, head first
  • Playground – a public place with various structures for children to play on
  • Of a divine nature – God-like, from the heavens
  • Encapsulate – to express the essence of something succinctly
  • Childlike – Something that is related to children
  • Wide-eyed excitement – a sort of excitement that makes your eyes seem to grow in size
  • Cut loose – to let go of one’s inhibitions
  • Jaw-dropping – amazing, spectacular
  • Jaw – the lower part of the mouth that moves up and down when you chew
  • Clean slate – to start from zero
  • Gimmick – a trick intended to attract attention or publicity
  • Springboard – something that helps you get a strong start
  • Trip over – to be caused to fall or almost fall by something, or figuratively, to be given difficulties by something
  • String together – to connect ideas
  • Smooth sailing – having the ability to do something without many challenges or difficulties
  • Ghetto – a place characterized by poverty, and often lower education and violence
  • Emulate – to mimic
  • Take something with a grain of salt – to listen to advice, but with a certain level of skepticism  
  • Unleash – to set free


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  • rr says:

    Hi Ethan,
    is it possible to provide the transcript of each episode? it will help a lot.

    • luciane Cachefo Ribeiro says:

      I agree . Could you? It would help a lot.

    • Manuel says:

      I don’t think so, it’s just too much work to transcribe audio files and these podcasts are available por free 🙂

  • Salman Rafi says:

    thanks a lot, you are helping to be infants in English😉

  • Rob Chaves says:

    If learning a language would be as easy as children do. It is not for nothing that in our time, many are trying to teach children several languages ​​from birth. Bilinguals can easily use several languages ​​and this is a fact.