#131: The Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Aww yeah, RealLifers!

Today we have a very trippy, futuristic podcast, as we talk about the coming Artificial Intelligence Revolution. The is the craziest the RealLife guys have ever talked with their podcast, but listen along, blow your mind, and let’s expand our visions of the emerging future as we talk about the rapidly expanding horizon of what’s possible ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

If you want a “jump start” on this article, or to “dive deeper,” in our opinion, we used this amazing article from the blog Wait But Why, to guide our conversation, and we also included a lot of resources below to help you expand your knowledge on this topic and see what’s already happening.

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Words to Know

  • Humanoid- a human-like creature
  • Cyborg- part man, part robot
  • AI- Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning– a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed
  • Threesome- 3 people together (and a sexual act involving three people)
  • Poof Out- to rapidly expand out of control (like somebody’s hair)
  • Jump Start- to get an early beginning to something (Head Start)
  • Wrench- a tool used for repairs (to turn nuts)
  • Set the Stage- Prepare the situation and influence the conditions in preparation for something
  • Heart Attack- a serious heart problem/ occurrence when the heart goes without oxygen.
  • Digress- to lose focus from the established topic
  • Paint a Picture- to build an image/ idea of something for somebody
  • Grasp- grab, hold on to, to understand
  • Hunter & Gatherer- a mode of living (and period of civilization) in which humans survive by hunting wild animals and eating wild plants
  • Narrow- very focused, of small width
  • Chess– a two player strategy game (see top part of picture to the right)
  • Go– a two player strategy game more complicated than chess (see bottom part of picture to the right)
  • Wave- a rhythmic surge of something (ocean wave)
  • Self-Driving Cars- Cars using artificial intelligence to drive themselves (see Video Below)


  • Displace- to remove, make no longer necessary
  • Road Rage- drivers getting angry at other drivers
  • Horny- sexually excited (turned on)
  • Horn- device on a car used
  • The Tip of the Iceberg- the most obvious, apparent part of a much deeper and complex issue
  • Dive more into this topic- to explore in a deeper way
  • Horse Power- the unit of measurement of power in cars
  • Mind Boggling- something is so incredible that it tricks or transcends our intellect
  • Shoot off- to quickly advance beyond our reach
  • Chimp- Chimpanzee (human’s closest animal evolutionary ancestor)
  • Speak for yourself- Expression meaning “for you that’s not the case, but for me” (in this case Chad misused it- because technically his mistake means he was calling himself an ant”)
  • Game changer- something that changes the fundamental rules of something
  • No brainer- obvious and simple that a decision demands no thinking
  • Benevolent- something that is a good, positive force
  • Malevolent- something that is bad, negative, destructive
  • The Singularity- abstract future point where accumulated technological advance combined with changes in consciousness creates an unimaginable change in reality and human experience.

  • Utopia- a perfect world
  • Limbic system- group of deep brain structures that control our emotions
  • Prosthetics- artificial body parts
  • Amygdala- main brain part of the limbic system
  • Age- to get older
  • Trippy- psychadelic
  • Nanobots- a machine or robot built on the nanoscale
  • You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat it Too- You can’t have it both ways
  • Enlightened- to be illuminated, awake, fully conscious
  • Driver- Something that motivates us (drives us)
  • Stuck- to be trapped
  • Go down the drain- to be lost, wasted, thrown in the garbage
  • Hedonism- the seeking of pleasure
  • The Red Pill or the Blue Pill- Reference to Matrix and choosing to see the truth about the world
  • Fulfilling- something that satisfied us (satisfactory)
  • Going inward- going inside ourselves
  • Trippy- something so crazy it seems psychadelic
  • Blow away- to extremely impress
  • Wrap this up- to end it
  • Outcome- result
  • Marinate- to infuse (you marinate a meat in sauce)

Links, Mentions, and More Resources

  • Another Famous Ted Talk on Artificial Intelligence (watch this on TED.com– with subtitles in all languages)

  • Virtual Reality (Oculus)

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  • Arwa says:

    Hi the topic wasn’t easy to understand for me but I learned a lot of new vocabulary ,but I have a question how can I download the real life app
    Thank you so much .

    • RealLife says:

      Hey Arwa, Great to hear from you. Yeah, this is a more advanced topic (with both vocab and concepts) but I’m glad you “toughed it out” and learned. We don’t have the app ready yet, but stay tuned!