RealLife Radio #105 – Fluency Tips from a Self Taught Learner

ludy-cover-2Aww Yeah!! In this episode of RealLife Radio we are going to get some great learning advice from a self-taught fluent English speaker.

Ludmila, from Brazil, is a great example of how someone with the right motivation, and enough will power, can quickly outgrow traditional language learning methods, and achieve true lifelong fluency.

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Words to know:

  • Fuzzy – unclear
  • Freezing to death – an expressions to emphasize the coldness
  • Blind folded – to have a piece of fabric covering your eyes and bl0cking your vision
  • Catching up with someone – to reunite with friends
  • Born and raised – expressions to say you were born and lives your life in a particular city
  • Kudos – congratulations, props to you
  • Ghetto – a largely populated and poorer area of a city
  • From the hood – gangster expression meaning from the ghetto or dangerous part of town
  • Bring the goods – to bring something that is required of you
  • Back it up – to defend something
  • Awkward – uncomfortable situation
  • Worldly – a person who knows a lot about the world
  • Your background – your personal history
  • Laidback – someone who is not too serious or strict
  • Screw it – expression to say “who cares” or “don’t worry about it”
  • Get away with something – to do something bad without being punished
  • Troublemaker / Rascal – a child who misbehaves
  • Vlogs – video blog
  • Vlogger – the person who creates the vlog
  • Straight to the jugular – expressions meaning without hesitation
  • Push yourself – to challenge yourself
  • Unscripted – a performance which has no choreographed lines
  • Ranting – talking about a subject for longer than needed
  • Brain dump – to put all your ideas down on paper
  • Whipped out – to take out, to show
  • Slip by – to go past without you noticing

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  • Tamil – Aww Yeah from Japan, um grande beijo para todos
  • Manoonoi  from Thailand – 5 Star iTunes Review

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Kick ass quote:

  • “You live a new life for every new language you speak.  If you know only one language, you live only once.” –Czech proverb

Conversation Topic:

  • Our special guest Ludmila talks about her language learning experience and gives us some tips about the most impactful things she did to obtain fluency.

Killer Clip:

  • Test your comprehension and get some great new vocabulary with this funny scence from Friends

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  • Ma Keno says:

    Where can I find this podcast’s description?

  • Ma Keno says:

    Aww Yeah! Just now finish the podcast. No description.

  • Birgit Häde says:

    Wow, Ludmilla from Brazil. Sounds really American. How did she make it? How much time does it need to have such a good pronunciation??? Where can I find the answer to
    my question???

  • Birgit Häde says:

    Ok, now I listened to your discussion.:-)
    Did she have lots of conversation to other English learners or native speakers to improve her speaking skills???