#129: The RealLife Christmas Special!!

Happy Holidays!

We are all back in our motherlands and we wanted to record a special podcast to send our love and warm wishes to you RealLifers during this special time of year!

In this week’s podcast, you will learn what Christmas is like in each of our homes (NOT like what you’ve seen on TV) and we will teach you a bunch of useful holiday vocabulary!

Are you ready for a jolly old English learning time? Then let’s jump in… press play or download below!

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Words to Know:

  • Jolly – really happy, festive
  • Sugarplum – a flavored candy typical at Christmas
  • Phat – cool; pretty hot and tempting
  • Gingerbread house – a house constructed out of gingerbread cookies, typical at Christmas
  • Chimney – pipe or column in a house where smoke escapes from a stove or fireplace
  • Toboggan – a sled used to slide down a hill covered in snow
  • Santa Clause hat – a red and white hat typically worn by Santa
  • Snowman – a man made out of rolled snow balls (usually with coal and a carrot nose)
  • Hot cocoa – hot drink with milk and chocolate
  • Frolic – play or move about in a cheerful and lively way
  • Frolic in the sheets – expression meaning to have sex
  • Ginger – a spicy root used in cooking and baking; someone with red hair (slang)
  • Whack into – to put in, to add (slang)
  • Rosey – pink, blushing
  • Nip – a sip of alcohol (slang)
  • Sleigh – a carriage for transportation in the snow
  • Slay – to kill (usually in a brutal way)
  • Snowshoe – a racket worn on the feet to move on top of snow
  • Peppermint schnapps – a peppermint flavored alcohol
  • Spike – to add alcohol to a drink (slang)
  • Eggnog – a drink made with eggs, sugar, and cream. Often drunk with rum or whiskey
  • Carton – a cardboard container often for milk or another drink
  • On the flip side – another aspect (often reverse of the first one)
  • Daylight saving time – time as adjusted to achieve longer evening daylight in summer by setting the clocks an hour ahead of the standard time
  • Early bird gets the worm – expression used to say that in order to succeed it is better to wake up early
  • Pillar – a supportive column
  • Burn the midnight oil – to work late into the night
  • Stocking – a big, warm sock. Decorative stockings are filled with presents at Christmas
  • Stuff – to fill
  • Knackered – exhausted (BrE/AuE)
  • Pantyhose – women’s thin nylon tights
  • Long underwear / long johns – tights worn under pants for extra warmth in the winter
  • Cologne – men’s perfume
  • Call (someone) out – to indicate that someone is wrong
  • Give (someone) shit – to call someone out (slang)
  • Reel in – when fishing, to bring in the fish you caught. To come back to something
  • Low-key – modest or restrained
  • Christmas carol – any traditional Christmas song sung by a choir
  • Take a trip down memory lane – to be reminded of a period of one’s life
  • Ornaments – decorations (especially for a Christmas tree)
  • Hyperbole – an exaggeration
  • (Someone) is at it again – used to describe someone that often tricks people
  • Pull a fast one (on someone) – to trick someone

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SONG: “Someday at Christmas” by Jack Johnson 

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