#231: Speak Clearly and Overcome Perfectionism | Rachel’s English

In this week’s episode, Ethan interviewed Rachel from Rachel’s English. Rachel is an American pronunciation expert from Philadelphia, and with her YouTube and course she has helped millions of learners to understand and speak English clearly and naturally. In this lesson, you will learn what to do if perfectionism makes you scared of making mistakes and gets in the way of fluency. You will get advice to start practicing speaking English and how to train your pronunciation at home, alone. And so much more!

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Bang for your buck
  • Low hanging fruit

Quick Definitions:

  • Fruitful: producing good results.
  • Go for a jog: to jog is to run slowly and steadily, especially as a way of exercising. We say “go jogging” when we talk about the activity.
  • Ancient history: Ancient describes something that happened thousand of years ago. Colloquially, you could say that something is “ancient history” if it happened a long time ago.
  • Expertise: special skills or knowledge in a particular subject, that you learn by experience or training.
  • Live under a rock: lack basic knowledge of current events or popular culture.

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    Thank you, Ethan and all the RealLife English team and today your guest, Rachel! Your creative podcasts always give encouragement for my listening and learning English.

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    Great comments about improving your English against try to learn how to talk like a native.

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